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Apparently absense doesn’t make the heart grow fonder…Brian and Jameson haven’t seen each other for two weeks, but don’t worry, they picked up right where they left off. ¬†It begins with some residual anger from last week’s Lindsay episode which manifests itself as a disagrement over hair products, and continues through discussions of their respective home towns, a harsh realization that every Supercuts employee does not want to fuck Brian and a proposed Alaska road trip that will lead to podcasting magic or the end of a friendship…Which would be podcasting magic. ¬†Ladies and gentleman, introducing Mr. Bob Seger!

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Turn The Page


11 thoughts on “Turn The Page

  1. I think for the early part of your outing you need to figure out where all the old people congregate that early. When I lived in Connecticut it used to be at McDonalds as they could order off the $1 menu and keep getting refills on their coffee. I’m sure there are some coffee places in Vegas that they get the paper and head over there for a few hours. You could probably get Fobes to take a poll and ask people at his work where they go.

    • Good call EGP. At the moment I’m leaning toward brunch. I love the idea of the bait and switch. I know Jameson loves the concept of brunch, but I don’t think she’s ever had it the way our delightful seniors have it…or at the hour of the morning.

    • If I could have infultrated one of these retirement communitites I definitely would have, but those guys don’t fuck around. They didn’t even believe me when I said I had that Benjamin Button disease.

  2. I’m tellin’ ya… you gotta go with the Rascal Scooters… Seeing how Jameson does not have a liscense, it’s a perfect fit.

    I am also quite positive that during Bingo, you will be able to strike up a lot of conversation with the ‘blue hairs’ and ‘wooly heads’ on your make/model, top speed, basket capacity, etc. Don’t forget, you will be able to have jousting matches if Jameson’s yelling gets out of control, which it more than likely will…

    • That’s a good idea, but I think Jameson won’t be “walking” much… She’d be “shopping”

      Maybe a walk after bruch to a park to feed ducks… I see old people doing that all the time.

  3. Be careful Brian, there are many old people activities that I love- like sleeping, drinking early in the day, complaining, telling old “war” stories, hitting on waiters/bartenders, i’ve always enjoyed a good word search, but I could always make you take me to Joann’s to pick out fabric for a new quilt, as I’m sure hours in a craft/fabric store would cause you to surrender.

    • I have to say I was very proud of you. When I showed up to your place in that outfit I completely assumed that would be the end of the outing. The actual events paled in comparison to having to actually stand next to me while doing them.

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