Senior Discount

Or “The Curious Case of Brian and Jameson.”  It was a Brian outing month and he finally got his way!  Or did he…After sucessfully dragging Jameson out of the house at 9:00 AM on a Sunday morning, the hosts take a death defying trip down Boulder Highway, including bruch and bingo at the Fiesta Henderson and betting on the horses at Arizona Charlie’s.  Several Irish coffees were had, and they even worked in a nap (well, one of the, did).  As promised they had an early dinner, but they somehow ended up at Nacho Daddy’s for drinks and snacks.  “This is the worst day of my life.” -Jameson after seeing Brian’s outfit

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Senior Discount


19 thoughts on “Senior Discount

  1. OK….. So I have listened to tons of shows that record them playing slots, and I am also a degenerate that watches slots on you tube and I love it.
    BUT… this BINGO was awesome!!!! it feeds my degeneracy and now I have the itch and will be taking the trip across the Canadian border this weekend for the lame version of Vegas Big Girl BINGO.
    I loved it AWESOME!!!!!
    B-MO will you go to BINGO with me when I am in town in October?? You can wear your old mad outfit! :)

    • Hi Mrs. Sadiebreeze, welcome!
      Playing bingo was so intense that I almost couldn’t concentrate on recording- I think that a little of that came through. Listening back I wasn’t sure if we would lose people or if it was too slow of a segment, but am so glad that the anticipation and raw emotion of the game came through!
      No need to encourage Brian with the old man outfit, he has come so far already!

      • Thanks! I would add it to our agenda but Jameson has informed me that I’ve had too much input already. And by too much input I mean I’ll be attending.

    • Thank you darlin and welcome to the forum!

      As for a bingo date when you visit, ABSOLUTELY! I even like that you want to do some role playing with me as an old man. Don’t be surprised if “someone” tries to chaperone. She’s a little protective. On the plus side, maybe you two can make another “back room” side bet, and then I can chaperone!

  2. It was just after my 21st birthday when my Dad took me to Arizona Charlie’s at 9:30 am to eat steak and eggs for 3.99. Youngest one in there by 30 years, and that was just because my Dad was there to be 20 years younger than everyone else. That place is sad and the steak was terrible.

    • I also spent my 21st in Vegas with a father with questionable judgement. He booked us a room at the Flamingo and then bought me a white russian as my first legal drink.. Pretty sure he sensed I was 75% gay even then.

  3. The play-by-play Bingo was super funny… The sly comments and total concentration was priceless.

    Brian’s comments about the old “bitches” and hoping “that she gets a kink in her oxygen tank” was so funny that I damn near pissed my pants.

    Brian’s coaching to Jameson was hilarious! She was so attentive and then “Where’s the Drink Girl?” right away was unreal…

    Nothing like live Bingo podcasts… Well done.


    • Thanks buddy. That’s a pretty standard conversation between Jameson and me. She starts off focused and interested in what I’m saying, then completely shuts it off and starts her own conversation, That’s why I always front load my conversations and start with the most important pieces of business. May be the only chance I get.

  4. I understand the need for a chaperone.. Mr Sadiebreeze will not go to BINGO but he may not want Brian and I to go anywhere alone. Mr Sadiebreeze looked a me in bed on Sunday night and said.. “How come when BMO wears a hawaiian type shirt he’s sexy and when I do it I’m gay…”. I so did not know how to answer that so I just responded that Brian pulls it off. It was an icy night at the Sadiebreeze house.
    As for an arrangement for a back room deal… I’m game if she’s game!!

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