Can You Even Ride A Bike?

Brian and Jameson get together with Tony to discuss the finer points of their senior citizen outing.  Apparently if it hadn’t been for the Irsish coffees Brian would have been even more miserable.  The delve into Brian’s outfit selection, Jameson’s new bingo obsession, how the Fiesta and Arizona Charlie’s rank as far as Vegas shitholes go and a sneak peek at next month’s Jameson outing.  It’s more than a shirt, it’s a lifestyle.

DUDiaries Brian’s retiree day outfit

DUDiaries Mad Libs


Can You Even Ride A Bike?


13 thoughts on “Can You Even Ride A Bike?

  1. If you have to go see a play Wicked isn’t so bad. I had to go see it on Broadway with a date and it wasn’t horrible.

    • I think it’s gonna be the whole situation that he won’t enjoy, especially when I make him wear the bow tie…… I’m hoping for a real sophisticated evening, but i’m sure he’ll ruin it in some way or another.

    • I appreciate you trying to find the silver lining here, but Jameson is well aware of why this will be awful for me.

      There’s the obvious fact of going out in a suit and BOW TIE in Las Vegas. Plus having to deal with her smug smile the whole night ever time she looks at me. More than that, I HATE this kind of theater, for the same reason I hate improv. I think it’s full of over the top, campy performers who are not talented enough to make it in any kind of legitimate form of entertainment. Not to mention, why do they just break out in song when it’s clearly not necessary? I don’t understand it, and like any good prejudiced person, I instantly hate what I do not understand.

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