Dear Diary…

It’s the first episode and Brian and Jameson are already fighting.  Probably a good sign.  Our hosts talk about where they come from, their unlikely friendship, a tale of two Vegases, and a preview of outings to come.  You really want to see Brian in shorts?  Be careful what you wish for.

Dear Diary…


17 thoughts on “Dear Diary…

  1. Do activities have to be done together or, at least, you both need to do them? Or do you just have to both be present when the other one is doing their thing?

    And… FIRST!

  2. The Haitian is taking wagers on the number of months remaining to Brian’s marriage. The opening line is 16 1/2.

    Excellent Prop bets are also available…

    Months before marriage counseling employed – 8
    Brian’s custody days of Nate per week – 0
    Brian’s custody days of Chopper per week – 7

  3. Unless they are fighting about who is in charge of spell checking the new web site, they are arguing about the wrong things.

  4. Thanks to all for checking out the new show and for your comments. That includes all comments from compliments from show ideas, to celebrity podcasters making an appearance to super hacky jokes that were made almost a year ago. Appreciate your time!

  5. unicorn? no. she doesn’t swing so calling her a unicorn is so wrong. we should call her Miss Nomer cause that’s what she really is.

    I still think you should pick up a Vegas local like Aquaman instead of Tony to do the 3rd show of the “week” (read month). I’ll even take an angry Fobes.

  6. As someone who was excited to hear the new show and thought it was a good idea from the onset, I can say I am very neutral about the first episode….which is about all the praise you can give an introduction show like this one. Hey, at least you didn’t sour me on the concept. I still think this can be a great podcast and am excited to hear what’s to come, and share it with the people I couldn’t share TAI with.

    I agree with Bob about at least being open to rotating hosts for the 3rd show each month. Different perspectives will ultimately lead to more diverse interviews. And if you guys are open to that, I have an idea to pitch for someone that would be a “great get” for any Vegas show.

  7. Well played T-Max. I like the suggestion and I’m always into the idea of talking to new people. I appreciate the open mind and you giving us a shot!

    • I love it Kelly! Looks so fun, reminds me of four wheeling in the mud in Alaska. I wonder if Brian would want to be a devil or an angel…..

  8. Anyone else think this is an overly elaborate cover up for an affair?

    I’m kidding, of course. Congrats to BMo and Jameson for the launch of a new venture. Looks promising!

  9. Wait a minute. Is this a joke? Scott Whitney leaving a comment on a b-mo podcast? Isn’t it a little dirty for you scott? #confused

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