Strippers and Witches and Bowties, Oh My!

Pack your sippy cups full of wine because it’s another outing episode!  Jameson had grand plans of a classy evening, but they were almost foiled when Brian forgot the show tickets.  Crisis was averted and they managed to have a delightful evening beginning with drinks and tapas at Bar + Bistro annd a performance of Wicked at Smith Center for the Performing Arts.  Plus the untold story of the end of last week’s power couple outing, ending with a stint at the Hustler Club which ended with mixed reviews.  How long is this green bitch gonna sing?

Youtube Strippers and Witches and Bowties, Oh My!


Strippers and Witches and Bowties, Oh My!


18 thoughts on “Strippers and Witches and Bowties, Oh My!

  1. Thank you for holding our (my) hands through the Hustler Club experience. We really did have a great time even though a stripper laughed at me while on stage (not a turn on). I probably deserved it.

    • Yikes, you and I continue to be waaaay too much in common. A woman who takes off her clothes and grinds on the penises of strange fat men so she can afford that night’s meth fix laughs at us, and we assume she’s got a point. Sigh, I get it…

      • I recall a stripper who was EXTREMELY aggressive when on my brothers stag harassing me for a lap dance all night. Extremely unattractive, and flat chested. So, what does a drunk guy say?

        “Sweetheart, please tell me why I would settle for your “A” game, when I got a perfect set of Double D’s at home?”

        No more harassment… #SuchADick

  2. On an unrelated topic, the dudiaries staff is 100% against the spread in the NFL this season! Call us to get Brian’s 5 star lead pipe lock or Jameson’s magical glitter play of the day!

  3. I really can’t thank you both enough for a truly fantastic evening. I would say let’s do it again but I’m pretty sure the Magnificent Package has been retired. ;)

    Jameson – I vaguely remember telling you that I needed to show you the most amazing drag performance ever on YouTube. Here’s Tandi…

    Brian – I’m sorry I cat pawed/pet your face. However I can’t promise that it won’t happen again.

    Tony – “Cool Rider” from Grease 2? Really?

  4. Brian and Jameson… I first must apologize by saying, that I too, have not had In and Out Burger. I sincerely hope that this does not affect our relationship and I not be ridiculed too much when my wife and I are in town in October.

    Loved this podcast, probably one of my favorites (nothing beats Bingo yet) but the Drink Boot is a close second.

    Thanks for the laughs guys…


    • Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed it. Do yourself a favor and just have the cabbie drive through In-N-Out on your way from the airport. Get a #1, animal style, animal fries, strawberry shake. It’s the DuD combo.

      • That SO sounds like a plan…

        I just googled what the hell “animal style” was and I think that I am mildly turned on by that. Sounds like food porn at it’s finest to me…


  5. Jameson and Brian, I really enjoyed hanging out last Friday. No, Jameson, my wife was not in attendance at the Taicon a couple of years ago where you and I first met. In fact, not only wasn’t she there, but when I came out to Vegas for that I never used the words “Taicon” “Brian Mollica” or anything else that she could Google. I just figured that was best for everyone.

    I was wondering why you chose Mandalay Bay for a meeting spot. But at least I got to listen to a taxi driver tell me how I should think, politically. That’s always fun.
    No I didn’t feel burger raped when you took me to In-n-Out. It was delicious and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had the experience. What I paid at BLT a few days later for my wife, son and me was “burger rape.”

    Thanks again to both of you for taking the time to meet up. Not sure when I’ll be getting out to Vegas again, but when I do, drinks are on me.

    • Thanks Lefty. It was great seeing you again. I can’t believe it had been two years! Let’s not wait another two before your next visit.

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