Blind Taste Test

Is that Wallabee?  Tony has a lot of work ahead of him.  He first tries to make sense of the two night power couple outing, then gets to the bottom of Brian and Jameson’s night at the theater while defending his love for Grease 2, and finally a preview of the first ever Tony outing.  So what’s it gonna be, the Ace or the Deuce?


Blind Taste Test


45 thoughts on “Blind Taste Test

  1. Amazed I didn’t mention this across 2 days of interrupting everybody, but the style we brewed is called a “Kristallweizen” (literally “Crystal Wheat”). It was the sparkliest style I could come up with.

  2. While that piss shot sounds horrible I think a 3 wise men is pretty bad as well. Of course the worst is probably a prairie fire.

    If you don’t know what iit contains: Johnny Walker, Jim Bean and Jack Daniels. We used to do that with tequila as well and that might be the worst of all time. A prairie fire is tequila with tabasco in it. Also, in honor of Jameson there is another shot which is called the A Four Horsemen which contains the sames as a 3 wise men but also has Jameson in it.

  3. Do you know what bothers the Haitian about these still camera videos? The only other still camera videos the Haitian is used to watching involves web-cams and disrobing, usually followed by toys being inserted into random orifices. And these tend to be even longer in duration. Is the Haitian right?

  4. I think the best/worst shot you could ever have would be a 6-4-9. Ask the bartender to pick a bottle. Count 6 to the right, 4 to the left and then 9 to the right. Last time I had one bought for me, the bartender had to cut it with lime juice to prevent curdling.

    There there is also the “Fraser River,” which is a local one in Vancouver. It’s normally free and it whatever is in the bar mat from the bartender spills. Not recommended, at all.

    Best lines of the podcast:

    Jameson – “I will throw a bitch down if I have to” (I want to see if there is a way to get this as my ring tone)

    Tony – ” I do not care for Junior Mints”

          • OK, this is just weird: I can’t download the first episode of Polarizing Images. When I visit the webpage with Opera, I can see the link but right-clicking has no effect. When I visit the webpage with Chrome, I can’t even see the entry for the first episode.

            Then, when I tried to reply to your post Photoman, I find that your post doesn’t have a “reply” button, hence this post being a reply to a previous post of my own.


          • I overcame my technical issues and have the episode on my computer, but I’m afraid I’ll turn to violence if I have to listen to the whole thing to find a clip. The Tony parts are OK, but there’s this other guy that keeps talking… :-)

            Anyway, a pointer to a five-minute or less segment for me to look into would be helpful.

          • I suspect you have installed the “Save me from excruciatingly bad podcasting” plug-in for Opera. Hell, I turn to violence when I listen to those.

            Sadly, by the time we figured out a flow and started sounding MUCH better, Tony had figured out how not to breathe heavily.

            I’ll find something for you

        • That would be the SCARIEST thing ever… I could just imagine being in a grocery store with my son and having that go off when flirting with the Deli Girls…

          Come to think of it, it would be even creepier if Tony’s face came up on the display.

          Okay, now I am terrified. I think I’ll stick with Jameson “throwing a Bitch down” if she has to…


      • Welcome Slick! Glad to see you slumming it on our site. Love the ringtone! Jameson is actually a ringtone factory with the comments she makes on a daily basis. I’m gonna start carrying the recorder with me anytime we hang out and send you the results. I feel like we could make a fortune!

  5. My pick for tonight’s Monday Night Football challenge is the Packers +3.5. It also happens to be the squarest play in history, so I’m sure I’m way off. Will update Jameson’s pick once the spirits tell her what is going to happen. We both have a record of 2-1 at the moment.

    • Weren’t the Packers giving 3.5 points instead of getting. I know because I lost. Might of been the worst game I have ever watched.

  6. Musicals are the worst kind of movies. Generally the producers drop songs and alter others (as they did in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC) or just completely rewrite the original play (GREASE). The best way is to see the musical in its original form…sadly, Vegas is not the place to do that.

    I will tell you that the manliest musical ever staged was ASSASSINS, in 1991. It’s full of bouncy, uplifting Stephen Sondheim songs about the men (and women) who attempted to kill the Presidents of the United States (not the band, though I can see why someone would want to do this as well). For instance, there’s a beautiful duet between would-be Ford assassin (and Manson family member) Squeaky Fromme and John Hinkley (“Unworthy of Your Love”). The fact that Squeaky is singing to Charles Manson and Hinkley to Jodie Foster doesn’t dull its impact. The greatest sequence is at the end, where a despondent Lee Harvey Oswald, on the verge of suicide, is visited by the ghost of John Wilkes Booth and convinced to kill President Kennedy instead. This sounds like a parody but I’m completely serious. The play wasn’t a big hit in 1991 but there was a revival in 2001 with Neil Patrick Harris as Oswald. It was delayed due to 9/11 but there are at least two cast albums. Sadly, there’s not a film of it, though some clips are on YouTube.

  7. Yep, you’re right. Completely disgusting way to lose a bet. For some reason Jameson’s pick didn’t get posted, but she was also on the Packers. We’re both sitting on a dismal 2-2.

      • Come on Rando, you know that nothing you contribute would ever be screened out on my watch. Although, after reading some of your madness I occasionally rethink it.

        Thank you, and everyone for the contributions. Especially with tony travelling and the show coming out late. Love that we’ve kept it going!

        • “Madness” seems to be a relative term in the Mollicaverse. This show is growing on me, though. I couldn’t bring myself to listen at first, but worked it into my podcast rotation when the lack of fresh episodes of TAI left an opening. While the Brian/Jameson sexual tension conjures memories of Moonlighting’s Dave and Maddie, the writing could be a little better. For the right price, I could rattle off some snappy dialogue involving monkeys, boobs, and typewriters. Think it over and have your people call my people.

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