It’s been a long month, so Brian and Jameson take this opportunity to sit down at Firefly and debrief the events of September.  It would probably go a lot smoother without the $15 pitcher of blood orange mojitos.  They discuss their progress on the 50 must eat meals in Las Vegas including Brian’s amazing birthday dinner at Sage, Jameson’s reaction to what she calls “The TAI incident, and more advice for Brian on his quest as a single guy in Vegas.  Good news Christina Aguilera, Brian decided he would fuck you.

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10 thoughts on “1…2…3…Action!

  1. The fact that you can drink a pitcher of mojito for less $ than a boot full of vodka is amazing. Was there a strobe light at the bottom?

    • Sadly no. Although if there were I can guarantee there would have been a second pitcher ordered and pretty sure I would have been forced to steal them. I assume Jameson will get me arrested at some point, I just hope it’s not for lifting glassware.

  2. That Henderson Firefly is hella far from the strip. If you know where I <3 Sushi is, you're really close to Firefly. If they offer the same special at the original location on Paradise (between Twain/Sands and Flamingo), worth checking out.

    • I agree, it’s definitely not tourist friendly. The Firefly on Paradise does have the same happy hour, but is likely gonna be crowded. If you’re a local who doesn’t mind the drive or you rented a car, it may be worth the drive just to avoid the crowd and get MUCH better service.

  3. We actually decided to post our picks for the Monday Night Football Challenge before kick off this week.

    Brian: Chicago/Dallas OVER 41.5
    Jameson: Dallas -3

    We’re both sitting at a shameful 2-2.

  4. Well look who fucked around and finally won a bet (or as Jameson calls it, vote). This is where I start to make my move and crush her in this competition.

    Brian: 3-2
    Jameson: 2-3

  5. Brian, are you going to make her change the intro to the show? Where she says she’s NEVER seen you win anything?

    I had the same pick as Jameson… So, in my mind, she was right, and Brian got lucky.My bet is that Jameson will be 5-3 in two weeks time.


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