Nonathletic Survivor

The insults continue on today’s outing show. While Brian and Jameson “enjoy” their football Sunday, she follows up last week’s informative “The only people who would have sex with you are a hooker or the skank next door,” by explaining to Brian that he is also not at all athletic and a terrible gambler. Brian gets his revenge by providing her with a rude awakening that not only could she not win the game of Survivor, Princess wouldn’t “survive” the flight to the Philippines. Their journey begins with vegan donuts from Ronald’s, takes them to the sportsbook at the South Point for the morning games, then wraps up with pigging out at T-Birds on Eastern. Why do my outing days always leave me so miserable?


Nonathletic Survivor


22 thoughts on “Nonathletic Survivor

  1. I don’t know – I feel like you are underestimating each other’s capability in these reality shows. These shows take a cross-section of America that I wouldn’t call “brilliant,” even by America’s standards. I assume the two of you could at least outsmart and manipulate most of the contestants.

    Although I could see either of you also getting into a “Doug Niedermeyer” situation where you are forsaken by your own teammates (out of jealousy and bitterness, clearly) in the end.

  2. Which is why I would be so much better than Jameson. I agree we’re both relatively smart and could manipulate, but Jameson has a few “temper related issues” that could completely fuck up her game, where as I am accostomed to swallowing bullshit.

    • Now, what I would like to see is Jameson as the next bachelorette and Brian as the next bachelor. That would be quality entertainment.

      • Now the Bachelorette is truly the best reality show for Jameson as she would get all of the attention. Plus everything would be about her and I think she could handle that.

        As for Brian I was surprised he didn’t mention that his best show would be Top Chef or Hells Kitchen. I guess while he likes cooking shows you still have to be a chef so that might rule those out. Then again if Jameson can dream that she would last more than a day on Survivor I guess Brian can call himself a Chef.

      • But then again you hate everybody and tend to let them know it one way or another! It took you a while 2 yrs to like me, how do you think that you would do with 2 months?!

  3. Re: the “are they good in bed?”, I do it all the time but not with sex. I almost always look and judge pretty much everyone on whether or not they’d be a good art model (at least for the stuff I shoot). But yeah, I also have the “no kids” rule but my age range probably encompasses more of the population than Jameson’s.

    • Was at the game last night. The Jets continue to be the most heart-wrenching team to watch in professional sports. On the bright side, the Haitian got front row seats to the dumbest fan fight ever. Some fifty-something Jet fan went absolutely berserk over the way a fellow twenty-something Jet fan was wearing his ski cap. It was pushed up high, rather than pulled down low over his ears making it slightly harder for the fans behind him to see the game. Keep in mind, the Haitian was 4 rows from Sputnik. Well the conversation went something like this. “You’re an asshole.” “Well you’re a dickhead.” “Let’s go old man!” “See, you’re a dickhead.” Next, the old man’s family was calming their hero dad down and the dad kept muttering, “Dickheads are assholes.” Eventually, punches were thrown and the 50-something dude rips the ski-cap off of his opponents head and throws it out of MetLife Stadium. Then the ushers threw the old man out of MetLife Stadium. Hilariously, his family stayed to watch the game and the dickhead’s dickhead became cold. Ahh gotta love New Jersey!

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