The Utah Agreement

Are you guys familiar with the principle of plural marriage?  Well Brian sure is, and he’s trying to sell it to Jameson and Lindsay.  With Tony traveling the hosts turn to DuDiaries’ #1 fan Lindsay to not only debrief the latest outing, but to put the last few weeks in perspective.  They discuss the ramifications of the Seger pin, where Lindsay has to hide her birthday card from Brian to keep her marriage from crumbling and the unmistakable charm of DJ Paulie D.  Plus Brian clears the air about a vicious rumor and comes clean about his love affair with yet another singer/songwriter.  I’ll tell you who will save your soul, ME!


The Utah Agreement



16 thoughts on “The Utah Agreement

  1. If Brian is forced to dress up like DJ Pauly D, my only request is that, much like Pauly’s “Cadillac” tattoo that runs along the entire side of his torso, Brian needs one that says “Hyundai” (Disclaimer: I also drive a Hyundai).

  2. Here are the plays for our Monday Night Football Challenge.

    Both Jameson and I are on the Broncos +1. Can’t see this going well…

    Brian: 3-3
    Jameson: 2-4

  3. Apologies for the delay in the show this week. Tony has been drinking his way accross Las Vegas. New show will be out on Tuesday morning. It will feature Tony drinking his way accross Las Vegas.

  4. Oh my, is it Monday already? Seems like only yesterday that I was blacked out drunk in the Mandalay bay at 9:00PM…

    Jameson: Bears -6.5 Record: 3-4
    Brian: OVER 46.5 Record: 4-3

    • I feel so bad that I haven’t responded to anything here….but what is there to say… much but so little….maybe this is the wine talking. Jameson, over and out.

      P.S. looking forward to next week!

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