Brian’s been in desperate need of a fshion update for a while.  Or so Jameson has been telling him four four years.  Well she gets her wish as on their first “outing” show she gets to play dress up with him.  Hear her plan for the day, the mid-point cocktail debrief, how Jameson made a friend at Dunkin Donuts, and Brian’s desperate cry for help from the dressing room.  Snazzy.

Makeover (fixed)


17 thoughts on “Makeover

  1. Interesting show; I’m looking forward to seeing the photos.

    I’m not sure if it is my lash-up or the file itself, but I got a bad echo in the first thirty minutes of the recording.

    Brian: I’m sorry about your family problems, but there is no shame in having them. I don’t know if you have reached the point of no return or not, but I hope it all works out all right for all of you, regardless of the conclusion.

    • I was looking to keep it under $200. With the last minute shoe addition I think we topped out at $120. I’ll give her credit, for a girl with expensive tastes she can bargain shop. Pretty sure her one purchase was more than the 4 things I bought though…

  2. good job guys, glad to see the expansion of bmo and the blossoming of jameson. already working on your drawing as well. i think youll like it

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