Booze Potpourri

Need a way to spin your crippling alcohol addiction into merely celebrating the holidays?  Don’t worry.  We got you covered.  Jameson gives tips on how to tastefully decorate for the holidays, Peppermint Mocha Kahlua and the secret to a great “Adult” party.  Plus Brian complains about how no one respects his art form and shows just how white he really is.  God damn it, you’re out of agave nectar!

See Brian Mollica at the LA Comedy Club in the Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas December 5-9.


Booze Potpourri


19 thoughts on “Booze Potpourri

  1. So the next part of the DUDiaries business plan had been revealed:

    1) Film Brian’s attempts to skate on top of Cosmopolitan
    2) Send video to America’s Funniest Home Videos
    3) Win $100,000 grand prize.

  2. For fall/winter drinks, I make this punch, Mr. Snowmiser, for Thanksgiving and again for my annual Christmas party. It takes a lot of prep, but it’s A) Delicious and B) Will drop you on your ass.

    1.) Infuse two bottles of Laird’s Applejack with three cinnamon sticks, one packet (hit the Mexican spice aisle) of whole allspice and whole cloves each. Allow to sit for two weeks.

    2.) Prepare two simple syrup infusions. You’ll need two empty bottles and corks, then heat four cups water and four cups sugar on medium until the sugar dissolves. Bottle half with two-three vanilla beans (split) and the other half with two-three cinnamon sticks. Let sit two weeks

    3.) Make an ice mold (just get a big, roundish tupperware and throw it in the freezer).

    4.) Add 1 1/2 bottles of the infused applejack and 1 bottle of Old Overholt rye.

    5.) Using a long handled bar spoon, stir in the juice from one orange and two lemons.

    6.) Add about three teaspoons of orange bitters, or to taste.

    7.) Stir in 12 ounces of cinnamon simple syrup, and about 18 ounces of vanilla simple syrup (or to taste, if you find that too sweet).

    8.) Top with two bottles of extra dry prosecco.

    9.) Slice two honeycrisp apples thin and float the slices on top.

    10.) Grate fresh cinnamon over the whole thing. For extra fanciness, lay star anise on the top of your ice mold if any of it is sticking out over the top of your booze.

    11.) Get annihilated on about three of these.

  3. Ok Brian, my husband has a few pointers to help you infiltrate the black community:

    - Be cool. Don’t be over eager-beaver about being around black people. They can sniff that shit out from a mile away.

    - Start playing basketball at some community basketball courts. It won’t matter that you’re probably no good at it, there’s sure to be black people there.

    - Maybe if you can get a black girlfriend, that would help you out tremendously. You may have to hit up a few black people night clubs in order to achieve this.

    - When visiting said night clubs, It is recommended that you wear one of the following clothing brands: Coogi, Red Ape, or Crooks and Castles. Also, bright colors are advised as it seems that black people love them.

    I hope this helps you with your black community infiltration, and if my husband has any more pointers for you, I’ll be sure to let you know :)

  4. I play the over almost every week and lose horribly. I’ve played the under twice and won. I think I’ve figured this out…

    Brian: OVER 51.5
    Jameson: Patriots -6

    Brian: 6-6
    Jameson: 6-6

  5. Love the kahalua peppermint mocha. Made a few hot chocolates with it. Been thinking about getting it, but your review sealed the deal. By the way I love the movies and Bosco’s out fits are great!

    • Welcome! So glad you enjoyed the booze…. Just know that we would never steer you wrong I that area. Bosco loves being included, so you can look forward to many more appearances!

    • The amount of free booze advertising we do on this show is absurd. If we just focused on the coffee flavored liquor market we’d be cashing in!

  6. If you are going to continue dressing your kick dogs, for heaven’s sake, put little booties on their paws. When listening to DUD on my headphones, it’s like you’re recording the podcast in front of a Sammy Davis vs. Gregory Hines tap off. Or is this just you’re plan is to increase your dismal ratings among #12s?

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