Mystery Bruise

Brian was working all weekend at the LA Comedy Club so he and Jameson take that opportunity to visit their favorite spots in Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile Shops. ┬áStops include happy hour at Koi, several drinks at the Halo Bar, people watching outside of the Filipino Journey concert, a girl’s night out at Gallery, late night snacks at Lobster ME, and quite frankly, way too many shots of bubblegum vodka. ┬áHi Jory…


Mystery Bruise


13 thoughts on “Mystery Bruise

  1. I’ve enjoyed some of the flavored vodkas more than I would like to admit, but I reached a breaking point this past weekend when I was subjected to Three Olives “Purple.” I think it’s infused with cough drops. Much like Brian with the bubble gum flavor, I was reminded of my childhood, only in this memory I had bronchitis and was being spoon-fed Dimetapp.

  2. Some flavored vodkas are okay but for “real” drinks, you need to go with “infused” vodkas.

    I cut two habanero peppers in half, dropped them into a liter of vodka for about 45 minutes, then pulled them out. Added a tablespoon of Tillecherry black peppercorns. This fiery vodka makes the ultimate Bloody Mary. Don’t forget a couple of drops of liquid smoke!

    Take four or five sprigs of fresh rosemary and some fresh dillweed, immerse them (and keep them) in 1 liter of vodka. After a couple of days, you’ll have an amazing martini. Some fresh lemon juice and a few other ingredients will get you a killer lemontini. Pull the rosemary out of the vodka after a week, remove the leaves and use the stem as an olive pick (with blue cheese stuffed olives, of course).

    I’m going to try using fresh pineapple mint in the Spring.

    Vodka is an awesome liquor because it’s flavorless and almost all of the oils from peppers, herbs, and other ingredients are alcohol-soluble.

    • Thanks Photoman. Just when I’m starting to infultrate the black community you have to drop the whitest post ever. Surprised you didn’t use the word herbacious.

  3. After listening to Brian and Jameson itemize everything in Jameson’s shower I did a mental inventory… there are definitely 9+ items in there. And they are all 100% necessary.

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