Saturation Rate

It the holiday special…You’re welcome.  Brian and Jameson discuss their holiday outing, including ice skating at the Cosmopolitan, a horrible menu decision by Mon Ami Gabi and possibly the best raw fish in town at I Love Sushi.  Plus a rundown of the refreshments for the first ever dudiaries Christmas party, Jameson’s tips on how to get (almost) free booze and a gift exchange where one of the hosts was thoughtful and the other was hurtful.  Success rate after listening to this podcast, 137%.

Join Brian and Jameson for the first listener meet up of 2013.  Friday February 1st at Commonwealth Downtown.


Saturation Rate


16 thoughts on “Saturation Rate

  1. While I always find your shows to be excellent, I have to commend you on your reading of the pick-up lines. I was laughing so hard I had to catch my breath. Well done sir and madam.

  2. Okay, Jameson’s gift to Brian will have done far more damage to Brian’s attempts at gaining black listeners than my “whitest post ever”.

    So, with that said, why doesn’t Brian spend a portion of an episode each month updating us with how the transformation is going?

    • Great line from Tony in a conversation last night:

      Your gifts looked like they were from a guy trying to fuck his co-host, her gifts looked like they were from a girl trying to get her co-host to fuck ANYONE ELSE.


  3. why do women insist on calling it champagne when it’s technically sparkling wine?

    doggie outfits? ok, let it go. the yapping in the video and audio? awful. where’s the sound engineer when you need one? might need to call the animal cruelty society on this one.

    • Anytime someone talks about champagne there’s always one dude who has to stand up and say this. Yes Bob, I understand. You’re technically right. But when did you become so fancy? What’s next, you’re only gonna bang hookers from the Champagne region of France?

  4. It’s interesting that the Firefly on Eastern (reviewed earlier in the year) is actually farther south than I <3 Sushi. I know the BARGE people go to sushi every year (usually a good sized group of 50+).

  5. I finally got around to listening to this episode. This is destined to be a classic.

    The exchanging of gifts leads me to a question. If Brian is already 75 percent gay, is the Queer Eye book meant to get him the rest of the 25 percent?

    And the truest test of the pick-up book is, once implemented, does it at any point have Jameson, just for a split second, thinking fucking Brian is a good idea?

    • Thanks GN. Not sure if the book will push me over the edge. That last 25% is mainly dick/ass related, and not sure the book will be able to provide any “helpful tips” in that regard.

      As for the game convincing Jameson that fucking me is a good idea, I think a book on hypnosis would be more effective.

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