Best Of 2012

2012 was a year marked by several milestones in the dudiaries world.  The beginning of a podcast and the end of a job.  Jameson pushing Brian’s limits and Brian testing Jameson’s patience.  They bickered, they even cried, but most of all they laughed their way through a memorable year.  So as you recover from your hangovers enjoy the top 10 moments from dudiaries 2012.  Will Brian ever find Jameson’s snack plate?  Stay tuned in 2013!

Join Brian and Jameson for the first listener meet up of 2013.  Friday February 1st at Commonwealth Downtown.


Best Of 2012


7 thoughts on “Best Of 2012

  1. Great top 10. Pretty remarkable you were able to release the quality and volume of content that you did during such a trying year. Congratulations!

    Looking forward to another year of shows, and here’s hoping that in 2013, your sub-conscious allows you less and/or better sex dreams.

    • Well the pickins are even slimmer in my new office for sex dreams. Although Fobes does wear some very fetching shorts when the weather warms up…

  2. The Haitian just listened to this excellent episode. This really needs to be the format of the show going forward. You should record a year’s worth of material, but only release the best sixty minutes of it. No need to thank the Haitian.

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