Juicy Balls

Well this show gets uncomfortable in a hurry.  Hey Randy, do we do too much food talk for you?  Well then don’t listen to this one because Brian and Jameson talk about being bossed around at China Mama, an amazing tasting menu by Chef Marc at Parma, drinks and video poker at Bounty Hunter and a south of the border snack at Mulligans.  Plus more role courtesy of Dr. Neil Strauss and a very special New Years voicemail.  I’m gonna go home and get some chili!

Join Brian and Jameson for the first listener meet up of 2013.  Friday February 1st at Commonwealth Downtown.

Email: dudhosts@dudiaries.com

Juicy Balls


5 thoughts on “Juicy Balls

  1. Thanks for the effort as always Bob. I’ve come to peace with the fact that the Trippie will always elude me. I’ve begged to be removed from their nomination list, but damn if my talent doesn’t keep them coming back!

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