A Tight Seven

Even Brian can’t fuck up in seven minutes, right?  Well there was a bit of a change in the schedule but trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  Jameson’s sister Alyse drops by to talk about the torture she endured as a child including unwanted hair cuts, pepper spray, a rubber band that caused permanent damage and a unique way to put your baby sister to sleep.  Plus Jameson thinks of two new ways to humiliate Brian, where they will be eating in the coming weeks and another lesson by Dr. Neil Strauss.  Just get a black girlfriend already!

Join Brian and Jameson for the first listener meet up of 2013.  Friday February 1st at Commonwealth Downtown.

Email: dudhosts@dudiaries.com

A Tight Seven


One thought on “A Tight Seven

  1. Just found out that because the Adult Expo is in town this weekend, the Erotic Heritage Museum is going to be jumping, including a free performance piece called peepshow. So that makes it less gay, right guys?

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