Super Flower Happy Glitter Millenium Store

Dear lord that’s a lot of weiners.  Brian thought taking Jameson to the Erotic Heritage Museum would make her uncomfortable, but after a lecture, tour and walk through a sex shop they settle in at the bar at the empty Deja Vu strip club for what would be a serious and in depth conversation about sex and a his vs. her view of pornography.  Plus they welcome the first female black listener and hear Jameson’s sexual fantasy in our “Rules of the Game” segment.  Industrial Road, or as the locals call it, Cellulite Alley.

Join Brian and Jameson for the first listener meet up of 2013.  Friday February 1st at Commonwealth Downtown.


Super Flower Happy Glitter Millenium Store


6 thoughts on “Super Flower Happy Glitter Millenium Store

    • So gross. I actually agree with Jameson on the topic of these “avant garde” sexual terms. They are clearly created by people not having actual sex. Plus, any girls who would let you do half of this shot (literally) is someone you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place.

        • I’m also a huge fan of 69. As long as the only hairy ass is mine. Anyone who claims not like it either does not include it in their repertoire or they keep their eyes glued shut. If the penalty for having my cock sucked is that I have to eat your pussy, well punish me some more.

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