Digi Horse!!!!!!!

After a the first ever DuDiaries sabbatical, Brian and Jameson are back and have two weeks of stories to tell. They start with their first ever happy hour at Commonwealth, followed up with drinks and gaming at Insert Coins, chili dogs at the D, blackjack at the Plaza, and some Pop Up Pizza to round out the night. Saturday involved an incredible meal at Lotus of Siam, dancing with the Spazmatics, and the secret of “investment gambling.” The weekend rounds out with a Superbowl party and Beyonce trying to eye fuck Brian through the television. Plus happy hour at Blue Martini (aka Cougartown), brunch at Border Grill, photo ops with Brian at the LA Comedy Club and some Valentine’s Day advice from Jameson and Dr. Neil Strauss. It’s for the breast.

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Digi Horse!!!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Digi Horse!!!!!!!

  1. Sigh. Just when I thought I’d let it go, now I miss my digi horse.

    Great meeting everyone at the happy hour. From what I recall before chasing some kind of hibiscus shot with a cup of rye whiskey (yep), it was a great time.

    • When you have a relationship (as judged by a meter) with a horse, it’s hard to just walk away.

      By the way, thanks for getting me on the rye/bourbon at 7:00. That made for whatever the opposite of a memorable evening is.

  2. While driving to Henderson for some business, I heard digi-horse. I had forgotten. Then I laughed and nearly caused an accident. So, thank you?

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