Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Wait till you hear where he put his beer….It’s a Jameson outing, and for the first time in history, things didn’t go her way.  So Brian should be happy, right?  They start with great company and a few too many Moscow Mules at Knob Hill, check out the always funny Brandt Tobler at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club then over to the Venetian to watch Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  Plus Jameson dances out her frustrations at Piranha and how finding a woman with absolutely no expectations is the key to success with Neil Strauss.  It smells like moldy Doritos in here.


Keep Your Eyes On The Road


11 thoughts on “Keep Your Eyes On The Road

  1. I paused the episode to chew out Jameson for the “if my guy cleaned up the bathroom and got me a Hallmark card and a $7 box of candy and flowers I would punch him in the balls”.

    Now that I’ve had a minute to calm down; if Jameson was my valentine, I would realize that wasn’t acceptable for her. My wife and I’s valentines was even less that the couple in the story, but for us, it was acceptable.

    Different strokes.

    And since I don’t comment that much and don’t want this to just be a negative post. I’m still loving the show guys :-)

    Hey isn’t this Brian’s birthday month?

    • Wow, less than a supermarket box of chocolates and a few sprays of windex? You’ve got a good woman!

      In Jameson’s defense, she was just sharing her expectations, which we can all agree, are ridiculous in nearly every situation.

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