Ok, Continue….

It doesn’t take long for Jameson to check out of this conversation.  I wonder if it’s because of Brian’s rambling or Tony’s masturbatory habits.  Tony tries to get to the bottom of the disappointment of the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert, what it takes to get denied entry to a DuD Mix n Mingle and the finer points of investment betting.  Plus the best concerts our hosts have ever been to and do all Australians talk the same?  Sorry I mussed up the show.

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Ok, Continue….


5 thoughts on “Ok, Continue….

  1. Wow Jameson, way to show some enthusiasm…I think Brian has a little bit of a right to be pissed. He basically had to carry the whole show.

  2. Brian is correct about Weird Al Yankovic. I saw his show at the Minnesota State Fair in 2000 and it was fantastic. He does multiple costume changes and is very professional. He also did a few songs in his show that he was unable to record for one reason or another, and he did “The Saga Begins” and “Yoda” for the encore. Very memorable.

    Also, Tony sounds like a sober, less-funny Jim Jeffries. Or a pre-obscurity Paul Hogan. Or a slightly more alive Steve Irwin. Or the guy who does the Outback Steakhouse ads, who probably isn’t even Australian at all.

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