8 thoughts on “Bracket Contest

  1. I’ve rooted for teams I like. I’ve rooted for teams I’ve bet on. This is the first time I’ve rooted for a cheerleading outfit and no monocle!

  2. Sweet mother of Christ. Jameson and I are now tied and she has more live teams than I do. Anyone wishing to see her in a cheerleading outfit rather than me in an tux needs to root their ass off tonight for Kansas and against North Carolina.

  3. I’m telling you- it’s all about the Gypsy/Unicorn Magic! You’ll be sporting a top hat & cane soon enough.


  4. In nearly impossible fashion I managed to beat Jameson by one point in our bracket contest. Looks like I’ll be facilitating the clothes shopping this time…

    • Well, as much as the TAI audience and cohosts would like to have seen Brian suffer, the Haitian, speaking on behalf of the majority of the listenership, would prefer to see Jameson in a cheerleader outfit rather than Brian in a top hat with monocle. The cheer, preferably performed and recorded in a public place, is simply bonus.

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