Pajama Party

At least it was for one of the hosts.  Brian and Jameson recap the last two weeks, including how they avoided podcast burnout after one year, why some celebrity chefs are favorite for a reason and how Dave Attel makes every other comic on the planet look bad.  Plus an extended rules of the game segment, an unorthodox recording setting and Jameson melts down when she hears her challenge of the month.  Oh my God, I think I won Mega Millions….


Pajama Party


8 thoughts on “Pajama Party

  1. Wouldn’t a TRUE hipster turn his back on the ways of Johnny-come-lately bandwagon hipsters and do the opposite of them? It’s like joining an Anarchy club or joining up with Goths because you want to be “different”. A true foodie hipster therefore should be eating at Long John Silver’s, because no self-respecting hipster in his right mind would eat at such a place. Think about it.

  2. Oh no! I can’t believe Brian is making you go play in that dirty poker tournyment!!! I’m sorry Bri, but I agree this seems like more of a punishment than an outing. Keep your head up Jameson, as long as you know when to hold em and know when to fold em you’ll be A-OK.

    • This is seriously the one thing that I don’t want to do! I’ve never played or know how to. Don’t worry, I’m gonna get him back….. Looks like someone is going to learn how to use a sewing machine!

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