Modus Operandi

One year ago Brian and Jameson recorded a show where they filled out their NCAAA Basketball brackets.  They didn’t realize at the time that it would be a key factor in losing their jobs.  So of course rational heads prevailed and they are doing it again.  As they scribble away they also discuss thoughtful puppy gifts, Jameson’s losing streak, and one of Las Vegas’ best hidden gems, Vintner Grill.  Hey, anyone had a good boss fuck dream lately?


Modus Operandi


25 thoughts on “Modus Operandi

  1. I have to admit that I’ve been super bored with the last couple of shows, hence my lack of contributions to the forum. I basically just listened to an hour of basketball bullshit, of which I can easily get at home by simply talking to my husband. Thanks. I will never get that hour of my life back. And yes, Brian is definitely the lecturer, while Jameson has an uncanny ability to just stop listening. Admittedly, this makes for a perfect duo.

    • Well if she would listen maybe I wouldn’t need to lecture. And yes, this is me lecturing you about how I am not a lecturer.

  2. Coincidentally, I almost used “Modus Operando” as the title for my podcast. Just one more way in which Brian and I are virtually identical to one another.

  3. I think Jameson forgot how this podcast was setup.. doing events/tasks that were out of the comfort zone. Jameson constantly agrees to something and when its her turn to “pay up” she doesn’t do it, unless its nice and friendly and is something she would have done anyway. Sad. Jameson, keep your word or do not agree. If you do not agree, maybe you guys should rethink what this podcast is for. My 2 cents..

    • If dealing with Jameson was easy, I’d probably lose interest. You should know by now that I need something to yell about to keep me engaged!

      • And for EVERYONE’s information, Jameson does keep her word. Except when it comes to idiotic and redundant things that will teach her nothing. I’m fuming, Jameson is MY SISTER, and maybe SOME PEOPLE should reconsider making judgements about her without actually knowing her. This is a PODCAST, it is practically MAKE BELIEVE and put on solely for our entertainment. Get off your ass and stop judging people from the comfort of your COMPUTER SCREEN!

        • Wow… I think the original poster has a point to some degree and I don’t think it came from a place of disrespecting your sister. The premise of the show from the beginning was that they would do tasks out of each persons comfort zone. If one person won’t do that then all that person is saying is perhaps they should re-examine the premise of the show. I enjoy the banter between the two and honestly like Jameson. The only time I cry foul is in this instance when she flat our refuses to do things. It gets tiresome! I have no problem with her complaining as each person should when it isn’t their month but the constant negative view towards 98% of the challenges gets old. Brian hasn’t even made it tough on her as most things have been pretty tame and haven’t been much out of her comfort zone.

          Again, this is just my opinion and not a disrespect in anyway just a suggestion for a change to the format if it isn’t going to be followed.

          Also, Brian how could you pick Memphis? I live in Memphis and wouldn’t even take them to go more than 1 win.

          • The Haitian isn’t listening again until Jameson plays some hold ‘em. Of course, he won’t know if Jameson played poker without listening. And now the Haitian knows why Alyse went to Juvy High School for fighting.

        • Alyse, I’m not saying that Jameson is a bad person, I’m just saying that by not keeping her word to get out of her comfort zone, she is not willing to grow and is going against what the podcast was created for. While I’ve never met Jameson, I do not think she is a terrible person.

          How many times has Brian done something for the show that he didn’t want to do, but did. Now compare that to what Jameson has done. That’s all I’m saying.

          And yes, I would say this to Jameson’s face. I’m not hiding behind a computer. I’m not coming from a place of hate or disrespect. If I didn’t like Jameson, I would not be listening to the podcast.

          But It’s funny how you say not to judge people, and then you judge me.

  4. I’m sad that there was no new show this Tuesday, as it was my birthday. I was hoping for a present from Jameson. Alas, no entertainment for me.

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