Sex Mustard

Brian and Jameson are back on track….again….for now.  This time they invite Tony to the party for a discussion on theiir adventures.  These include reviews of an amazing meal at Craftsteak at MGM, getting dirty at Hot N Juicy and cheesburger shots at Miller’s Ale House.  Plus a dealer with tourette’s syndrome at Terrible’s, Brian’s new favorite TV shows and things get a little too intimate with Bosco.  What’s the weirdest thing you guys have ever jerked off with?


*Sorry for the sound Tony was have a new roof put on his shack

Sex Mustard


14 thoughts on “Sex Mustard

    • Christ, I just gave myself douche chills. I was so painfully underqualified for that job. Thankfully anyone who can see that makeshift set they built immediately knows that this wasn’t a high budget operation. Well that and the fact that it was on at 4:00 AM on the WGN network…

      • Better you than me. My commentary would’ve been more along the lines of, “so, umm, it looks like the guy in the Blue Blocker sunglasses just got a red card that he might need.”

    • Thanks buddy. The “wardrobe” situation went from my ill-fitting shirts, to the suit, to me being strictly voice over. Needless to say, television is not my medium.

  1. A couple of nit pick questions after listening to the shows and the clip that EdoubleA and Photoman have posted:

    1) What makes the Cheeseburger shot a *CHEESE*burger? Is the Tequila supposed to taste like cheese and beef?

    2) Brian, when you had your stand up at the beginning of the Cash Plays how did you manage to not move your arms at all? Did they strap them down, or did you spend your entire time concentrating on not moving them? I was impressed by your restraint.

    Good show guys and I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal.

    • 1. Yeah, I was working on a theory that the whole thing was created to unload pickle juice.

      2. GREAT CALL. Needless to say there were SEVERAL conversations regarding my gesturing. What you see there is a guy who’s mouth is on auto pilot and who’s brain is completely focused on staying still.

  2. The Cheeseburger shots were awful and stupid, but they were only $2. So that made one a good choice. 3 was a bad choice. I don’t think using tequila made any difference. It could have been vodka, bourbon, etc. The pickle and ketchup taste masked everything. Although they did use awful tequlia.

    • I really don’t know the thought process behind that drink. It seems like it costs more than two bucks just to have someone wash three shot glasses every time someone orders that poison.

    • Can’t say I have my friend, although I imagine every woman I’ve slept with has had at least a little bit of damage. I’m not even sure I could get turned on by someone completely well adjusted….

  3. I had never heard of My Crazy Obsession, and wish I still hadn’t, but I found it and watched the Cabbage Patch people. I’ve never been so simultaneously creeped out and unable to look away in my life. The interviewer left out a few questions. Like, “You know you’re crazy, right? And I’d like to know if the daughter isn’t a little pissed that they’ve spent probably a half million of potential inheritance on the “kids.” Please Brian, no more tv viewing suggestios.

    • Between this show and Catfish, I really feel like we’ve helped bump the viewership of some quality programming. By the way Lefty, Kevin is watching you…..

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