Shhh, Kevin Is Watching You

Brian’s new crazy obsession?  Watching My Crazy Obsession.  Jameson tries to reel him in while he rants about mannequins, mustard and mermen.  Plus the world’s most beautiful woman, gingers, lizard people, Jameson’s wild Saturday night and Brian’s mom’s list of demands.  Just end it!

See Brian Apr. 30 – May 5 at the L.A. Comedy Club at Bally’s in Las Vegas.


Shhh, Kevin Is Watching You


11 thoughts on “Shhh, Kevin Is Watching You

  1. Merman is my new (and kinda creepy) hero. My lifelong love of the the Little Mermaid has subliminally conditioned me to favor anyone who comes out of the closet with their love of Mer People. Just ask Jameson, I can sing the shit outta any Little Mermaid song.

      • Maybe it’s a survival mechanism brought on my how fucked up our childhood was… Just sayin. Either way, we’re magical and that’s the end of it.

    • I saw that. Super gross. The one by me in Anthem is still up and running. Plus, no salmonela in the mojitos!

  2. Happy Birthday Jameson! Hope it’s a great one. I’m very thankful to not be involved in the festivities this year, unless it’s eating pancakes in your pajamas at 7:00 PM, in which case, can I come?

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