Baby Steps

It’s the first debrief show so get ready to meet Tony. ¬†Warning, he’s a foreigner.

Tony facilitates the discussion as Brian and Jameson’s shopping extraveganza, how to handle unwanted male attention, getting molested at a comedy club, having to write a whole new act to fit your new personae and a preview of one of many bets between Brian and Jameson that will leave one of them yelling. ¬†Spoiler alert, it’s Brian.

Baby Steps


19 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. “Cute by Alaskan standards or cute by Vegas standards?”

    I’ve seen “beautiful” in Vegas, I’ve seen “attractive” in Vegas, I’ve seen “hot” in Vegas. Not sure I’ve ever seen “cute” in Vegas.

  2. I think you need to step up the make over. Lucky Brand Jeans. If he bitches, make him try on super low rise ones. And if you go to the outlets, you can get out for less than $60

  3. Alright, they’ve already talked about going to a strip club. If it’s just the two of them, I don’t think either one will be too uncomfortable. Now, if they go and take Shaun (apologies in advance if I’ve misspelled her name, Brian) with them…

    Would a strip club ever be the same for Brian again?

    • No. No, it would not. Like most things in his life, I will ruin it for him in the best way possible. Or just make him mad, but either way I win.

  4. I will cede control of the BMo fan club to Jameson, if only to preserve my marriage. Any perceived rifts between us will not reflect well on me.

    However, I would like to go on the record saying that, really, no true fan of Brian’s could ever operate a fan club due to our crippling laziness and prior Food Network-related commitments.

    • You make some good points buddy. You will be missed. On the plus side, you and I will be spending a ton of time together on your next visit because I’m pretty sure Jameson and your wife have deemed us replaceable. We’ll be relegated to holding purses and trying on skinny jeans.

  5. This Jameson sounds like a suitable sixth wife for me. I look forward to making beautiful mulatto babies with this blue-eyed succubus.

    • Thanks buddy. Still figuring it out but having fun. Appreciate the support. I’ll even accept the praising of Tony…For now.

  6. I agree that Jameson needs to dress the part for the downtown show. The other part of the outfit that is necessary is some tats, especially some guys name across the chest.

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