Sex And Suicide

Pretty much the best album ever.  It’s a Tony week and he has strong feelings about In-N-Out Burger, ballpark nachos, mac and cheese and Lindsay’s choice of weapon.  They also discuss the entertainment powerhouse that is Sandpaper Pete, preparations for Jameson’s 30th birthday, society’s fascination with Alaska and an explanation on why “dancer” is not an occpation.  Did you just say I forced her into foreplay?


Sex And Suicide


6 thoughts on “Sex And Suicide

  1. I’m certain that this will go down as blasphemy but I wasn’t that impressed with In-N-Out Burger. The burger itself was okay but didn’t exceed expectations. The fries were the weak link. The reason why fries taste good isn’t the potato, it’s all the extra crap they mix in with them. If you take a potato, even a very GOOD, fresh potato, and deep-fry it you’ve still got just a regular ol’ potato. Nothing special about that. There are too many places that make a decent burger and have much better fries. Are there Five Guys in Vegas? Because that’s a hell of a burger. Also, Tommy Burger. Goes without saying…my love for them has been well-documented.

    • I agree, the fries are a point of contention for all of those (myself included) who have been brainwashed by a lifetime of completely processed fry-product. Nothing some animal style-ing won’t cure. I do contend that they make the best burger though and on that I will not waver. Quality ingredients and quality people making the food.

      Oh boy, this got awkward…

  2. Their shakes are better too and it’s great that they don’t bitch when you ask for a half strawberry/half chocolate, which tastes awesome I might add. Make the same request at McDonald’s and either you’ll end up with a booger in the shake or the head of the employee might simply explode.

    • The problem with McDonald’s, and a lot of other fast food places is the shakes aren’t made by hand, they’re pre-mixed by the machine. It’s all portion control. When an employee says they can’t do it, it’s usually because they were never trained to, and wouldn’t be allowed to anyway. Jack still makes shakes by hand, but they’re terrible. I can vouch for that.

    • I’m a fan of the Neapolitan shake. It doesn’t necessarily taste that great, I just like that they’ll make one for me. I’m all about inconveniencing others.

      • As an Italian, you of course know that Neopolitan ice cream originally consisted of strawberry, vanilla, and pistachio ice cream, resembling the Italian flag. Due to anti-Italian sentiment for some reason or another, pistachio was replaced with chocolate. It was a less delicious decision in my opinion.

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