Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Alternate title, Vaginal Discharge.  Brian and Jameson return from a week off to settle the age old argument, who would win in a fight between a mermaid and an alien?  Plus the geneology of the members of Wilson Philips, ridicule over Brian’s zipper shirt, an impromptu concert and everyone’s favorite trivia game – what’s inside Jameson.  I never thought I’d ever say this, but can we stop talking about your boobs?


Total Eclipse Of The Heart


33 thoughts on “Total Eclipse Of The Heart

  1. Congratulations, Jameson!

    And congratulations to you, too, Brian… …for scamming a full-time designated driver! You have several more months to take advantage of this.

    • Oh you are mistaken my friend. I made the mistake of ordering a drink one time when we went out to eat and couldn’t even enjoy it because Jameson was glaring laser beams into me the whole time.

      • Are you that much of an amateur? Has it been that long???

        You drive there, keep the keys, drink wildly, disregard the laser beams from her eyes (because, in a few more weeks, you will be able to outrun her even if she gets uber upset), and only give her the keys when you get into the passenger seat.

  2. Something more gross/disturbing than the phrase “vaginal discharge”? Try having Tony tell you he’s doing show prep. (thank God it was actual prep for a show and not “BMO Show Prep”)

    But, for a brief moment, part of me died upon hearing that.

  3. There’s a very large elephant in the room that wasn’t addressed…and if no one else is going to do it, then neither am I. None of my bidness. Congratulations to one or both of you. ;-)

    By the way, those pregnancy boobs don’t last forever, and they’re never the same afterward. If ever there was a time to take pictures, this is it.

    Also, “sci-fi” is a generic term and couldn’t be trademarked. NBC/Universal (which is now part of Comcast, I guess) changed the name to SyFy to both get a name that could both be trademarked and attract more female viewers.

    • Isn’t there always an elephant in the room when you’re around? BOOM! Sweet burn! Although I think you’re in smaller pants than me these days. Sigh….

  4. Yay! Cat’s out of the bag! Finally! Oh, and is it weird that I’m also pregnant and that we’re five days apart in our pregnancies? And you think Jameson has rage issues? Ha!

  5. Minutia detail: The third member of Wilson Phillips is Wendy Wilson, sister of Carnie Wilson and daughter of Brian Wilson. And SyFy is named that way because Sci-Fi wasn’t really able to be trademarked/copyrighted by NBC.

    More importantly, congratulations Jameson!

  6. Congrats. Hope you have a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy the rest of the time. Feel kind of dumb. Didn’t realize you were pregnant till the news!

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