Ultra Cuddle Fabric

Somehow Brian get’s roped into a double challenge this month, but because of his love for Alaskan women, he doesn’t mind )And no we’re not talking about Jameson….Or Lindsay!)  Instead our duo take in a concert, drop by a store where few men have gone before, and it all ends in bloodshed after Brian gets his craftiness (and patience) tested.  Plus Jameson isn’t the only one bringing a bundle of “joy” into the world this fall, why the best chicken fingers in Las Vegas are pretty much just chicken fingers and the funniest joke Brian has ever told.  I guess I’m just in an unlucky period…

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Ultra Cuddle Fabric


11 thoughts on “Ultra Cuddle Fabric

  1. I believe there was a mention that there were better chicken fingers in Vegas than at the Crown and Anchor. Where would the best chicken fingers in town be? (And if it’s Cane’s, I’m going to be sad.)

    • Well, let’s see…. Since I can’t quite speak from experience, I’ll relay what Barbie would say (the chicken finger connoisseur previously mentioned). She loved and compared all

      • Others to those at the Albertsons deli…… Not what you were expecting I’m sure. Other than that I can’t really say.

    • I actually had a pretty good chicken finger experience at Steiner’s Pub on S. Las Vegas Blvd. They do the same hot sauce/ranch combo, but with the more traditional fat fingers. Which, interestingly enough, is what the majority of the people who have them are eating them with…

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