Anal Sex Is Probably OK

Not that you’d want to after this update.  Yuck.  It’s been a few weeks, but surprisingly few things have changed.  Brian rants about a horrible experience at Top Notch BBQ, Jameson celebrates the mid-way point in her pregnancy with a gourmet meal at Hakkasan and another installment of summer of shakes.  Plus, piss drinking, dvr debates and Bosco the sexual predator.  What’s sex?


Anal Sex Is Probably OK


14 thoughts on “Anal Sex Is Probably OK

    • I want him in the rock and roll hall of fame. Seriously. The man has had a thirty year career and is the best at what he does.

  1. That cable bill is just insane…but as a guy who’s probably spent $200 on typewriters in the last month, maybe I shouldn’t say anything.

    • That’s the issue. If I canceled cable I wouldn’t be “saving” anything. I’d find a way to waste all that money trying to be entertained. Better to be on my couch. At least there’s know atm in my living room.

      • Good point. I meant to ask if that includes the internet as well, as some men enjoy bundling action. I am moving into a new place here in the next few weeks and will be completely without cable/internet/phone service (other than my cell) at my new place, and in fact won’t even have a TV. This is an ideal situation for a single hombre such as myself, but I can’t imagine what it would be like if there was ever a child in the house under those conditions (though I have lived with a hideously-tattooed mother of two in the past, and were it not for cable and the internet, I would currently be in jail for three murders).

  2. I have waited forever to see Weird Al. Can not wait until tomorrow. (Although I am in no way the top half of his fan base, assuming on information and belief, they are as Brian describes,)

    • Well, I have been known to exaggerate, but the people watching should be amazing! We’ll keep an eye out for you!

  3. Glad to have the show back! Three quick things:

    1) Our experience of having Brian on Polarizing Images was probably far different than his. For example, we thought it was great and funny while Brian probably spent the better part of two hours in a hot shower trying to scrub the stench away. (thanks again for being a good sport, Brian)

    2) My wife **HATES** “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. She says it is full of nothing but gloom and doom about all the bad shit that can (probably) happen. She likes “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Being Pregnant.” But what the hell do I know – the amount of the book that Brian read on the show today was about 5x the amount of the book that I have ever read.

    3) We were paying some stupid monthly cable bill, so we dropped cable TV altogether and just pay for high speed internet. We bought a Roku box for $100, pay for Netflix (streaming) and Hulu Plus. There are, maybe, three or four shows that we can’t watch right now but we are also saving just over $1000 per year. Also, there are a shit ton of children’s shows available via Roku when Jameson Jr is ready to park herself in front of the TV.

    • Thanks for this tip, I’ll check out that book. I currently have my eye on Jenny Mcarthy’s book which is probably also more up my alley.

      • Careful with that book. I have…a friend…who was a little obsessed with her and read her pregnancy book. There’s a chapter called “The Blue Twinkie” that describes the changes in her vagina. I get queasy thinking about it now that I know about all of these discharge related issues.

  4. I posted a pic on twitter of the Bosco stare down that happened during the show! Don’t worry, I saved you from the unpleasant angle.

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