(Preg)Nancy Drew

Get it!?  It was a Brian challenge month, and for once he succeeded in making Jameson miserable, as she had to sit through a two and a half hour Weird Al Yankovich concert sober!  They discuss the people watching, things you will and won’t see at a Weird Al show, and whether just because a movie is a “classic” automatically means it’s good.  Plus mediocre cajun food, Big Buck Hunter, and an assessment of Jameson’s mood pre pregnancy vs currently.  That is the most Alaskan thing I have ever seen…

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(Preg)Nancy Drew


9 thoughts on “(Preg)Nancy Drew

    • You’re way off base here Haitian. Clearly Groupon is a way for extremely successful companies to give back to their loyal customers…

  1. I loved Weird Al. My inner ten year-old was very happy. I even liked the new stuff. (He has an awesome song about being a skipper on the Jungle Cruise that slayed me.) I am very happy that I went. The Smith Center is an awesome building. I can’t wait to see something else there. Brian and Jameson nailed the individual parts of the show really well. And the people watching was fascinating. The couple next to me was noting the entire set list. Also they were wearing matching five-finger shoes.

    • Thanks Kyle. Totally agree about the Jungle Cruise song! So great. I wanted to revert back to my full on Weird Al nerd-fandom and sit there listening while reading along to the lyrics obsessively until I had them committed to memory. Perhaps I’ve said too much….

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