Flying Dicks

This week’s show is an impromptu outing.  Jury is still out on who gets the worst of it.  Brian and Jameson enter some seedy ground, first dining at the legendary Tiffany’s Grill at the White Cross Market, and then down Main St to Koolsville Tattoo shop where Brian gets bloodied and permanently scarred.  What did he get?  Did he cry?  Did Jameson contract hep c from sitting in a chair downtown?  These questions and more answered!  Are you getting Schindler’s List tattooed on your stomach?


Flying Dicks


5 thoughts on “Flying Dicks

    • Yeah, fear should far out weigh wonder here. Just because a shit hole has been around for a long time, doesn’t make it less of a shit hole. My stomach hurt WAY more than my arm that night.

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