Catfishing The Catfish

You made a poor decision Ronny Gamble.  You know the tables have turned when Brian is out til 1:00 AM on the same night that Jameson is eating an ice cream sandwich for dinner, covered in laundry detergent.  They discuss Brian’s latest trip home, dealing with drunk fans and everyone’s favorite game, what’s leaking out of Jameson.  Plus surviving a catfishing, gambling on sandwiches and Morgan Freeman.  I didn’t think much of Brian Mollica the first time I laid eyes on him….


Catfishing The Catfish


7 thoughts on “Catfishing The Catfish

    • Ricardo’s is good, and we’ve certainly sung the praises of Border Grill on this show, but for some reason it’s still not right. I’ll draft a formal letter.

      • I love Border Grill. I just don’t have the awesome variety that I get back home. And El Sombrero downtown was pretty good. It’s not that there’s nothing, it’s just not home. Also, my Vons had Mint It’s It. I owe y’all for that awesomeness.

      • I’m assuming that, with Jameson’s “condition”, you guys aren’t coming to Chicago anytime soon. But if you do, there is a Mexican place here that does a chile relleno burrito. Yup, first you cook up an amazing chili relleno and then wrap that bee-yotch up in a burrito.

        It’s heart-stoppingly good.

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