I Could Play 18….

It’s been two weeks and surprisingly little has happened, but Brian and Jameson manage to discuss Brian’s delusions about getting older, thoughtful Birthday gifts and a healthy outlet for his obsession with Alaskan girls.  Plus Jameson’s “final countdown,” her pride over cookie cake and how she just keeps getting manlier.  Whoa, 650 pictures of Kate Upton!

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Dudiaries #61 – I Could Play 18….


13 thoughts on “I Could Play 18….

  1. I hear ya, Brian. When my wife was 8½ months pregnant with our son, I came home from a photo shoot and she was lying on the couch watching TV.

    Without thinking (which is my usual go-to position), I excitedly told her about how great the shoot was and then proceeded to plug my camera into the TV so I could show her the initial images. Well, normally, she is fine – even supportive – when I shoot fine art nudes but it turns out that showing your 8½ month pregnant wife nude photos of a model half her age really isn’t that great of an idea.

    So, to hear that Jameson was less than thrilled with you ogling over 650 images of Kate Upton brought back funny-yet-painful memories from my own idiocy.

    Glad you guys are back and, Jameson, I hope the pregnancy is going well.

  2. I don’t understand Jameson’s problems. She’s made it clear she’s not the least bit sexually attracted to you, so why should she get jealous when you notice how much more attractive a non-pregnant woman is to you than someone who has self-admittedly let herself go just because some zygote has inconvenienced her?

    • Then you don’t understand Jameson….

      I have learned a few things about her. Regardless of the nature of your relationship with her, she is not interested in hearing that another woman is pretty or a good baker. Those rules apply in her normal state. Throw baby growing hormones into the mix and you better duck!

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