Inside The Actors Studio

Bad news, Stanley bailed on us.  Good news, Brian and Jameson would rather talk about themselves anyway.  Our hosts turn to James Lipton and Bernard Pivot and decide to just interview each other.  Nothing a bottle of Towbin James won’t cure.

Inside The Actors Studio


10 thoughts on “Inside The Actors Studio

  1. I swear I am not stalking you guys, but I seem to be the first to comment each time.

    Anyway, Brian, I loved the question about what kind of mental or emotional space you need to be in so that you can be creative. I’m curious if *physical* space plays an important role for you (and Jameson) in being creative and, if so, what is that space?

    • Someone has to be the first to respond!
      Even though you asked Brian, and me 2nd….I’ll answer first.
      Creativity and inspiration is such a weird thing and I have experienced first hand and been witness to it over many forms of art. I grew up in a very creative and artistic house. My mother being the quintessential tortured artist, struggling with mental illness that lead to beautiful paintings and local fame. I remember seeing her create through both happiness and negativity. This is why I found it so interesting when Brian reveled that he only writes and creates when he is happy, as I find that to be a rarity with myself being included. Brian and I both found early on that we feel and do the best when recording with each other, in the same space. The conversation and the banter becomes much more natural when we can engage and respond to the conversation with looks or gestures or any other sort of animation. We feed off of each other in that way. Normally, however, when I paint, write or create anything I prefer to be by myself. To be only with myself, physically and mentally, in my own world with nothing else (except music) but my emotions and thoughts to draw from. I don’t know if I picked this up from my mother, or if it depends on your medium, or if its a link throughout all those that are creative.

      Alright Brian, your turn.

      Thanks for the great question :)

    • I’d love to respond but there’s literally no more room on our page after your Novella.

      Really great question. I have to be alone when I write. Some comics like to sit around with each other, riff, run material and critique it. I want no part of any of that. I don’t want to be influenced in any way by anyone’s thoughts, words opinions etc.

      This show is a bit rare because it goes against the grain with most things I’ve done in the past. As Jameson mentioned, we do better recording in the same room as opposed to me being locked away like normal. It’s also much more of a collaboration as opposed to me running rough shot and imposing my will. Of course, it’s pretty early in the run of the show so I’m sure I’ll find a way to ruin both of those things.

      Thanks again!

    • Thanks guys. I’m always interested in knowing how other creatives like to work. I’m an extrovert so I need to have noise and din surrounding me to be at my most creative – not always easy when I am working in the stark emptiness of the studio.

      That’s why I’ll often hit Starbucks or a pub that has free Wi-Fi to do a lot of the follow-up from a shoot or shoot planning. Just can’t do any of the post work there.

  2. Totally agree on the sounds of the subway, Brian. We used to live very close to the Chicago ‘L’ tracks, and I miss that “whoosh” sound of the trains streaming by.

  3. Well I’m 5 shows deep and I don’t hate the show like I wanted to. Good job Brian and the other one. I however will continue to wear my 12 year old skater boy shoes.

    • That may be top 5 nicest things anyone’s ever said to me! Glad you checked it out even though you wanted to hate it. I certainly understand that. I’ve watched 2 Jeff Dunham specials.

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