Meet The Parents

Been a while since the last show and Jameson’s lost some weight. Like, a person’s worth. They discuss battling 15 hours of labor, the miracle of childbirth and the bigger miracle of her breast size. Plus, bosco’s kill room, a weekend with Brian’s parents and why December brings impending doom. Anyone who thinks there’s more to do in Vegas than gamble, has never gambled.


Meet The Parents


7 thoughts on “Meet The Parents

  1. No one’s commented on this show yet? Is it because everyone is still shocked by all the revelations?

    So, when’s the wedding?

  2. Congrats, you two! Looking forward to all the good things to come and the sweet, but often awkward and funny, moments you’ll share with us all along the way! T-6 days until Alaska, wow! How many miles to the Arctic circle? Maybe Lindsay can put that in the doc film as you go from the airport to other places, a la ‘Life Below Zero’. Yeah, good luck with all of that… to the depths of cold I can’t even comprehend! My aunt used to always say, well it will be a life experience. Or as Brandt would put it, it will make good podcast stories! Lol
    Anyway, thanks for taking time to do the show, even with such big life changes… and I just did a loudly audible ‘awwww’ at work in my cubicle to the closing song! So sweet, Tony!! :)

    • Thanks Mary. Word on the street is that the temperature in Fairbanks is SKYROCKETING to a balmy 10 degrees this weekend. I could totally live with that.

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