Can’t Get No Satisfaction

It’s a big dysfunctional family road trip on today’s show!  Brian and Jameson discuss the myths surrounding Thanksgiving food, magical sandwiches and Waffle House pies.  Plus Brian almost gets banned from his home club, Jameson’s new dairy free existence and the world’s most expensive onesie.  It’s like I’m a vegan, except I can eat all meat.


Can’t Get No Satisfaction


6 thoughts on “Can’t Get No Satisfaction

  1. Just want to say congrats to the both of you! I have just been blown away by this episode. My mind can never forget what my ears have heard. I guess this finally puts all of the rumors to rest. I know you two have your own private lives and this show is just supposed to be entertainment for the rest of us, but sometimes you can’t help but get invested and wonder what goes on after the recording stops. I’m very glad you put Baby Jameson in a U of A Cheerleader outfit. Way to go Brian! Bear Down, Az!

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