I Fell On The Dog

Tony’s still on this show?  Turns out he is, and he drops by to sort out the recent adventures of Brian and Jameson.  The discuss lesbians on horseback, acceptable shirt choices and the myth of the Happy Light.  Plus one of the best tasting menus in Las Vegas at Michael Mina, what it takes to get Bosco riled up and a map to a man’s penis.  I shaved my face with your vagina cream.

See Brian Mollica do stand up January 14-19 at the LA Comedy Club in Bally’s Las Vegas.

Email: dudhosts@dudiaries.com

I Fell On The Dog


3 thoughts on “I Fell On The Dog

  1. Tony – I want to give proper credit to “Kilo” (not Kelly) for initiating the investigation toward sorting out if Brian & Jameson are “more than friends.” I heartily anticipate the findings!

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