Romance Kit

Romance KitWell, at least for one of them. Brian and Jameson are fresh of a mini date night and they chat about online sex toy shopping, having a gay relationship with your car and walking into a literal shit storm. Plus Brian’s brush with the law, becoming a “Truck Guy.” and what would Dave Kat do? Have you ever used a cock ring? They’re not that great…


Romance Kit


10 thoughts on “Romance Kit

  1. I’m curious if any guys have converted the lingerie purchase. Where you buy it and “surprise” her with it. Does that work? Seems like a recipe for disaster…

  2. Do not do it! Plus, we all know you’ll probably end up just buying vibrating panties or something similar. The only move that works for me is to hire a baby sitter or find a friend to watch the little one without her knowing about it ahead of time. Then take her out to dinner or even better yet, make her surprise dinner at home. The puntang turnpike should follow shortly after. That is, if the roofie properly dissolved in her wine glass.

  3. Having been married for 13 years, this has been a popular topic in my house. It’s always turned out to be a complete disaster. If I pick something out, on my own at her request, she won’t wear it and if she picks it. It ends up being something that isn’t hot, sexy or any thing close. Might as well be sweats and a sweatshirt.


    • Great call. Such a dicey proposition. I have yet to meet a guy who has been able to convert it perfectly. God forbid you buy something in the wrong size. Doesn’t matter if it’s too big or too small, colossal fuck up.

  4. I am a little late to the party on this, but I have done the lingerie purchase for my wife. She liked it and I like it. However, with that nice innocent purchase Adam and Eve decided to throw in $100 worth of dildos, vibrators, cock rings, and vibrating cock rings. Also a pocket pussy. I don’t know how they stay in the black with that business model. Now I am the creepy husband.

    Also, I have spent the night in Mexican jail. Not cool at all.

    • Hahaha, welcome to the party PR. Yeah, Adam & Eve has a questionable business model. I’ve purchased a total of three items from them and now have more porno than I did in my teen years.

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