Bitches Brunch

No seriously, it’s a thing.  Which explains why Jameson is so drunk and sassy and Brian is so annoyed and exasperated.  Find out why Kerry Simon is a fraud, what kind of underwear women expect (and what kind Jameson is wearing) the pain of losing mega millions and why mythical figures continue to be a recurring theme on this podcast.  Time to go shopping for cheerleading outfits!


Bitches Brunch


9 thoughts on “Bitches Brunch

  1. ok, so brian isn’t going to able to film Jamison cheering. Sounds like he is going to have something else in his hands.

    • I’m really not looking forward to this, but I’ll be sure to be over the top! A bet is a bet, and I am not going to be the one to back out. I still cannot believe that I lost by 1 fucking point!

  2. Currently in a state of recovery after last night’s downtown adventure. You know what’s probably never a good idea? A SECOND football full of booze!

    • That, my friend, implies that the first one was a “good idea”. As an alcohol delivery method it’s efficient, productive, quick… But “good idea”?

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