Will Ferrell? Jim Gaffigan? Kevin Hart?

New intro. New point of view. Same dysfunctional relationship. Brian and Jameson are back to discuss why they took a sabbatical, the need for a relaunch and what they’ve been up to the last two months. Plus, a recap of Jameson’s 30th birthday, a walk through the romance kit and when home date nights go bad. Oh my God, you said yourself, didn’t you?

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Will Ferrell? Jim Gaffigan? Kevin Hart?


8 thoughts on “Will Ferrell? Jim Gaffigan? Kevin Hart?

  1. This episode hit so close to home. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Everything in my Adam and Eve purchase gets about as much use as a Betamax. Well, except for one item.

    • I think my two favorite quotes of yours that never made it to air were, “I wonder if I can use my tears as lube,” and, “Blowjobs…I remember college.”

  2. I was SO happy to check my ipod and find 2 new episodes for my drive to the boyfriends a few weeks ago! And thanks for the shout out – that was kinda cool :) Keep them coming.

    We plan to do the newlywed game sometime soon and will report back.

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