Side Hugs

It’s a full length show chock full of mini conversations about mini desserts and mini people.  Brian and Jameson discuss what’s on the summer television schedule, why being a failed comic isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and why Jameson appreciates everyone elses opinion more than Brian’s.  Plus a review of O Face Doughnuts, the search for a new board game and how judging others can make you feel better about your own relationship.  They should have negotiated for hand jobs….


Side Hugs


16 thoughts on “Side Hugs

  1. So what I’m hearing is that I settled for a big beef sandwich when I could have had a side hug. Sad. Never take their first offer.

  2. Please check out Rack-O! My fave! My boyfriend is going to say Kismet and Skip-Bo if he remembers which he wont so here ya go.

    • These are good videos. There have been an amazing amount of awesome board games that have come out over the past 20 years or so. The choices can be overwhelming, but the Dice Tower guys can be pretty good guides.

    • Thanks Matt. New board games, like most things, are dicey when it comes to Jameson. She will love them or hate them right away, and no guarantee that the second attempt will yield the same results. So far, Uno and Yahtzee are the only ones in the regular rotation.

      • Have you checked out any cooperative games yet? I don’t get to play these hardly at all, because my girlfriend refuses to play them, (no cooperation on her watch! *g*) but “Pandemic” is extremely popular and supposedly easy to get into. (Probably still not as easy a Yahtzee, though.)

        For competitive games “Ticket to Ride” is widely considered the modern classic of board gaming and is a great gateway game. The rules are hardly more complex than UNO.

        Both are covered in the third video I shared and maybe in one of the other two. Both also have the added advantage, that they can be played with more players, in case you ever get bored with guests around.

        • Ticket to ride is an excellent choice. Pandemic is fun if you like constantly losing. You can also check out Tabletop on youtube with Will Wheaton who also plays a lot of these games to see what they are like.

  3. Also, O Face Doughnuts closes at 4 on the weekends. Which is a fun thing to find out if – hypothetically speaking – one walked all the way down Fremont street in 105 degree weather. But it was for doughnuts, a wise choice to enjoy in the heat.

  4. There’s a Twitter campaign to get me interviewed on (presumably) this show. Just want you to know that I didn’t start it. I told them that little has changed for me lately, but I hope to have at least one new story to push on the stingy, non-story-buying public by the end of July. My conscience is clear on this.

  5. It is definitely time to update our selection of games so let us know if you find anything good.
    Sorry revenge 21- fast, cheap (target has it) and easy to learn
    Rat a Tat Cat –a card game for children and drunk adults
    Milles bourne
    Blokus -strategy game , fun easy to learn.
    Mind trap
    Settlers of Catan- Star Trek edition of course.
    Risk on xbox- the game is faster and more fun plus you can add computer opponents.

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