Three Drink Jameson

It’s the episode that took four weeks to record! Don’t worry, you’ll only have to sit through an hour of it. Brian and Jameson discuss their first ever family vacation to Santa Monica, crossing the scortching hot sand for hot dogs on a stick, why happy hour at the Craftsman is far more romantic than a sunset on the beach and Brian revisits his Cash Poker stomping grounds with brunch at Portos. Plus a review of Nacho Daddy, the perils of the pedi-egg and how Jameson has to hit the sweet spot, if you’re gonna hit her sweet spot. Are you sure you won’t leave the baby in the car?

See Brian Mollica do stand up July 29 – August 3 at the LA Comedy Club in Bally’s casino, Las Vegas.


Three Drink Jameson


8 thoughts on “Three Drink Jameson

  1. Loved the segment on the vacation. I am leaving in two days with the wife and kids for 10 days “vacation.” On the plus side, we’ll be there with my in-laws who will look after the kids for a couple of days. On the down side, we’ll be there with my in-laws…

    Also, on the plus side, we’ll have a MiFi in the car so the kids can watch Pokeman in the car on the drive. However, we’ll have a MiFi in the car so the kids can watch Pokeman in the car on the drive. It will take all of my energy to not “accidentally” drift into the path of an oncoming semi.

    I shall be doing MUCH drinking and smoking MANY cigars to dull/lessen the pain.

    Wish me luck.

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