The REAL Fremont Street Experience

Brian finally gets a turn for an outing and he’s dragging Jameson downtown.  Don’t worry though, she’s dressed completely appropriately.  Just ask her.  The hit up every casino and indulge in a lot of booze, gambling and a “savagery hunt.”  Jameson also breaks Brian’s heart by posing for a picture with his arch nemesis.  Want a fun drinking game while you listen?  Do a shot every time Brian calls Jameson a prostitute!


The REAL Fremont Street Experience


8 thoughts on “The REAL Fremont Street Experience

  1. Really, no mullets? That almost made me sad until you found a mother pushing a baby stroller while wearing/drinking from a yard glass. Thank goodness for that person.

    • Oh downtown never disappoints. Even when it closes a door it opens a window. Although in this case, “door” and “window” can be replaced with “mullet” and “tranny.”

    • I know, right?! Super surprised about the lack of mullets observed. However, there was plenty other situations to screen. Tis the joy of downtown. Next time, there should be a big group of us to judge and critique!

  2. The Haitian couldn’t help but notice that at one point during the show, the banter between Jameson and Brian sounded awfully similar to that of the likes of Tim and Michelle Dressen. Perhaps when Jameson was talking about her boots?

  3. Gearing up for our big debrief show tonight. Any questions to help guide Tony through the drunken downtown escapade? Post them here!

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