Birthday Month Begins

It’s not a joke, Jameson really believes this.  Lucky Brian isn’t one to overreact, so it should be fine.  Great course by course description of one of the best resstaurant deals in Vegas, the lunch special at Estiatorio Milos, plus the blue ribbon moment from April and Brian’s new favorite segment, “Alaska Chatter.”  And don’t worry Jameson, Brian’s all talk.  He’s WAY too scared to ruin your birthday.


Birthday Month Begins


7 thoughts on “Birthday Month Begins

  1. FYI there’s this little strip club just north of Town Square called Lollypop’s. Supposedly 24 hours since they offer a drink special between 8am-8pm. with their “grand opening” this Sat May 5. I put the over/under at 3.5 minutes for either or both hosts on their first (only) visit.

  2. I survived the night club…barely. Full report next week including a desperate call for help from the inside!

  3. Well, that didn’t go as we ll as I had hoped. I barely know how to use an iphone sober. When I’m drunk I REALLY don’t know how to use an iphone. The recordings were for the most part unlistenable.. I’ll see if we can piece something together. I can say that Jameson and I did a mini debrief today and between the two of us we seem to have the details well in hand. My involvement was comparatively brief, but I like to think it was powerful…

  4. Sorry for the delay all. We’ve had a few tech glitches and Jameson and my recoveries have been slow going (even though my party only laste 5 hours and hers lasted 45). New show out tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience!

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