In Da Club

Lets try to get passed how gay the title is and move forward.  This is the night Brian has been dreading for months, but he made it through.  Not without some battle scars.  He managed to get drunk, vomit, fall down and sleep in his car.  This was all news to Jameson who had a 36 hour non-stop birthday.  Didn’t he do a great job!


In Da Club


13 thoughts on “In Da Club

  1. Why do club-goers with a private table/section and bottle service really think they are so special? Just have to laugh at people who are so shallow and insecure that it takes a velvet rope to give them any self-worth. Getting it for free is fine, but everyone else is just a sucker.

    No offense to the show hosts.

    • GREAT topic! We will discuss on the next show. Welcome Badda Bong!!! Anyone else have questions or issues that we can talk about with Tony?

    • I totally agree. But I’d add that people’s need for verification manifests itself in many ways, and this is just one example.

    • First off, welcome Badda Bong.

      I don’t disagree with you. I have to say Jameson’s group was pretty much self contained. No one was flashing cash, showing off, etc, but that was DEFINITELY happening elsewhere and I imagine it’s only worse on the weekend. It’s probably no different than guys who buy fancy cars just to show off. They’re trying to get validation from someone. It’s gross. I mean seriously, learn how to write and tell dick jokes. At least then people will call you “An Artist.”

  2. Have not finished listening to this show but after 3 events, gotta say the monthly event show is a big letdown. Not a lot of during the event content (the downtown one last month was probably the most we’ve heard so far), not a lot of during the event tweeting, just not feeling the monthly event. Definitely needs a third party to help record/tweet stuff cause it’s just not happening now. I would suggest a friend (or subordinate) of Jameson that is tagging along (at least for her monthly events). and I’ll tag Aquaman or 4racks for BMo’s events (if he can get the bimonthly pass from his family), .

    • I love this if only because it will give Brian an actual shot at making his chosen event uncomfortable for Jameson. I feel like that downtown trip is a lot different for her if Bob and/or Aquaman are involved…

  3. I appreciate the feedback Bob. I agree that we’re still figuring out the outing shows. I think next month will be a little more interactive with no restrictions on equipment and a lot of photo and video opportunity (regardless of which option she chooses). And if Jameson keeps killing it on twitter, I think we’ll start getting a lot more access! Can’t wait to deal with the repercussions of that compliment all day tomorrow.

    We’re only 10 shows in so I appreciate everyone sticking with us and hopefully we’re bringing some entertainment to the party while we figure things out.

    • Oh it’s all over now! Can I just say that the Cosmopolitan retweeted me, then many of their followers responded or retweeted- and now the Cosmo is following us! So yes, I guess I am “killing it”…….

      Yes, I think that next month’s adventure will prove to be a lot more conducive to live interaction and recording. I promise to be on top of it (on option 2, not 1) when it comes to recording Brian having a tantrum when he loses air hockey.

  4. I liked the episode. Got caught up on the show during my 16 hour flight back from Hong Kong. Next month sounds interesting, you should make it some kind of Olympic competition with all of the games in honor of the upcoming Olympics.

  5. Thanks EGP, and I love the olympic idea! I’ll try to put together a nerd arcade decathlon. Except in this one the loser will wear a medal!

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