Performance Reviews

Due to a little recording snafu, the shows are out of order this month, so instead of hearing Tony’s heavy breathing, you’re going to get Brian and Jameson judging each other.  You’re welcome.  Also stay tuned at the end for the second part of the show where the two of them return 6 hours after the original recording, drunk, and try to do a restaurant review.  Things get a little dicey…


Performance Reviews


8 thoughts on “Performance Reviews

  1. We had the Milo’s lunch special yesterday partially based on your earlier recommendation and loved it so thanks for that. Didn’t know you guys were meeting up Sunday otherwise we might have been able to join you but then again, maybe not since we saw two shows that evening. The lobster upgrade was definitely worth the $15.

    Sorry to hear about the lost show. Is it not possible to record to two computers so you have a backup?

  2. Thanks BB. Glad you enjoyed Milos. Next time I’m definitely upgrading to the lobster pasta next time and possibly the grilled octopus. Also, fear not. We’re gonna give the debrief another shot and Tony will be doing a back up so there will be a show next week!

  3. Finally catching up on the podcasts!

    Jameson… safe travels to Alaska!
    Brian, good luck with the withdrawal period while she is gone.
    I appreciate getting your reviews on the top 50 restaurants as PokerPro and I are always looking for new places there and I’ve been taking copious notes.

    BTW, Photo shoot? Did someone say photo shoot? I’m bringing my gear to “that other podcast” con. Just saying. I think we can set Brian up to recreate that George Kostanza on the chaise shot!

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