Guilty By Association

You may have heard the rumours, now hear the full story.  Not sure one podcast has made the waves in 12 short episodes that this one has, but today’s show takes it to a new level.  Not sure what else to say but listen.  Guess we have to make it worth it…


Guilty By Association


26 thoughts on “Guilty By Association

  1. I know he doesn’t like being misrepresented on this forum, so I will cite my sources and say this was posted by Patch406 on the TAI forum.

    Postby patch406 on Tue May 22, 2012 1:37 am
    “Free speech.”

    Seems pretty straight forward to me. This isn’t the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater, or even going into your job and telling people off. It’s more like bitching about your job after work at happy hour, but instead of 4 people who know where you work and who you’re talking about, it’s 400 complete strangers who probably assume the stories are being made up for entertainment value.

  2. Just post email addresses of those concerned in the firing and we will make sure they don’t hear the end of it!

    • While I appreciate the offer, lets hold off. Lord knows that no one likes to salt the Earth like I do, we’re gonna take the high ground here…for now.

  3. Well, it’s been a week of new material gathering for Brian and Jameson.

    It’s a shitty thing to happen, regardless of what great things may now come out of it. You can talk about about “the calm after the storm” but you still have to endure the fucking storm first.

    But, even after being unceremoniously dumped by your company, both of you show just how much class you have (no matter how much you pretend otherwise, Brian) by *still* not naming the company you used to work for. If this had happened to me, I would be name-dropping left, right, and fucking center.

    Bravo, guys… bravo.

  4. All I can say is Wow… I wish the best for both of you as you move forward in a new direction. It should make the show interesting. To quote George Clooney in Up in the Air:

    “Anybody who ever built an empire, or changed the world, sat where you are now. And it’s *because* they sat there that they were able to do it.”

  5. Disclaimer: As a loyal member of the Bohunk Brigade, I have not listened to an episode of the DU Diaries prior to today, nor do I plan to in the future. I do follow the hosts on Twitter and Facebook, out of support for Brian – whom I’ve listened to his other podcasts for years – and Jameson – whom I’ve met on two previous occasions and paid to slap one of my best friends at TAIcon ’11. I believe that it’s probably easier gain more followers when you have followers, and I want this show to do well despite knowing virtually nothing about it.

    Now that I’ve, hopefully, covered my ass from reprimand by Troy Bohunk…

    I am legitimately angry over the situation that was discussed on the show today. It’s an absolute joke that you were both fired because of this show. Neither of you deserved it, and I’m hoping that you both land back on your feet sooner than later. That organization is going to realize just how monumentally they fucked up soon enough.

    Also, to Jameson, I would like to extend the invitation I already made to Brian for a drink or three on Saturday, June 9. I will be arriving in Vegas, staying at the Rio, that day just after 12 noon to play in a WSOP event starting the following day. If either of you have somewhere else in mind to meet up for said drink(s), I could probably use a ride if its not too inconvenient. Drinks are on me.

  6. See, this is why it is so important that the “job creators” are able to maintain a business-friendly environment with things like “right to work” laws, or as they are also known, “right to go broke” laws, and keeping the unions down.

    This sucks balls, but in places like Nevada an employee doesn’t have “free speech.”

    • Funny you should mention that, dude. Despite my best efforts, the band is apparently breaking up. The place I’m staying at the moment is very insecure and it appears I’m about to lose it (and therefore my internet access). If there are any episodes in the future, it looks like they’re gonna be solo shows for now…

  7. Thanks to all for your kind words and support. And don’t worry Stu, you’re safe here. Troy barely checks out the TAI boards, I’m sure he doesn’t even know how to find this one.

  8. Better safe than sorry. Besides, Bohunk may never visit this site, but that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t go run off at the mouth somewhere else.

  9. Sadly, slickmv is correct. And it sucks.

    However, as Jameson and Brian said in the show, karma is a bitch. My college let me go for financial reasons, even telling students who complained they knew I was the best teacher in the department, but others had tenure.

    Last week, 27 students representing more than $1 million in revenue, transferred to other colleges. In their exit interviews, they specifically cited my firing as the reason why. Firing me saved them $65,000. Oops, wait. Cost them $945,000.

    • Damn GN, you too? Pretty sure your class was the only place where a dossier of my recordings was played for a group of people, and it was actually a positive.

  10. I have listened to and enjoyed all the shows. What has happened to you both is disgusting. To think that two people in Las Vegas can get sacked for doing a podcast after work in the modern world is simply fucking stunning. I hope the fucking building burns down and all the associated businesses join the other organisation “the one that also accepts adult related businesses.
    I hope this is not the end of DUD and I sincerely hope that you both get a new job very quickly. Although of course we hope B’Mo has to take something in the fast food industry for a short while so that Rando can truly be king for a day.

    • Thank you for the support Joe. As more details start coming out I am convinced that Karma is gonna beat the shit out of someone soon.

      I’m convinced we’ll land on our feet shortly, and as for ending the show, I wouldn’t plan on it. Like I said, if it cost us our jobs then we better make it worth it.

    • What an awful burden it must be to know everything about everything Becka.

      Even someone with your typing skills should be smart enough to know that 10 episodes of a podcast do not end a relationship. And if 10 episodes of a podcast end a job that I poured nearly five years into, then that job wasn’t worth having.

      I have a million regrets dating back to shortly after my birth, but I haven’t regretted one second of this podcast. I do appreciate the free therapy session though.

  11. 700 something episodes of TAI with far more vulgar, offensive and revealing topics but DUD is the one that brings you down? That is a monumental upset.

    Totally suck what happened and I applaud you for handling it with class. Worth consulting with an employment attorney to consider whether there is a case for wrongful termination? Or maybe that’s the whole idea behind the right-to-work statement.

    Obviously the show hosts can’t comment on this, but is there something that the DUD mob could do to provide that karmic bitchin payback? Something in between a strongly worded letter and arson.

    • most states are right to work so getting fired for no cause is just a fact of life. the trumped up reasons that your prestigious organization gave for firing the 2 of you is bogus. at least they gave you a check on the way out. in NV, you can probably get unemployment checks after the severance covers the first set of weeks (at under $400 a week (not tax free), not a lot but for an extended break, you might need it). apply now as it’ll be a bit of a fight but you’ll probably get it.

  12. The Haitian can work miracles in Photoshop. He can easily place people at scenes where they were not present. For example, the Haitian once put President Bush in a convertible with Adolph Hitler. With the proper prodding, the Haitian could be tempted to give your former manager a clawhand.

  13. Sorry for the delay in my response to everyone. I still feel like I am processing everything, and that the reality of it all is a bit delayed. Being in Alaska and taking are of my neice and nephew has certainly distracted me, and probably for the better.
    It’s funny how after a certain amount of time at a job, it’s starts to become a part of your identity. You begin to become hyper focused on your job, and sooner than later becomes your whole life. You forget about your dreams, or passions, or even interests until one day you find yourself in a dry and monotonous routine. You lose yourself and forget about what’s important and what you want from life. This has been a reality check certainly for myself, and I think it’s safe to say, for Brian.
    This situation has been a great life lesson and opportunity for me to take a second look at my direction, and ultimately, my purpose. The one thing that remained to be clear to me through this last week is that being a part of this has made me more happy than I could have imagined, and more creative than I remember feeling.
    So I am confident in this truth, Brian and I are committed to taking this as far and high and wide as this world and our fans will let us go.
    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

    • As you know it pains me to compliment you, but you really summed it up perfectly.

      This was supposed to be that job I took to get a little money coming in while I established myself as a comic in Vegas. Then before you know it five years have passed, my hair is gray, and I’m no closer to the goals I was so destined to achieve. I’m taking this as a gift…Now here’s hoping that this gift involves a HUGE cash prize.

    • Thanks Steve! We love you too and glad to have you on board. And we know it wasn’t you. You have things to do in a day, and clearly understand what a joke is!

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