Psychic Friends

Well, it’s been a rough few weeks for Brian and Jameson and they need some guidance from above.  Since neither one of them is welcome in church, they opt to get psychic readings.  I’ll give you a hint as to whose idea this was.  If I get Sefarfina I’m leaving.


Psychic Friends


15 thoughts on “Psychic Friends

  1. Apologies for the sound. Don’t worry, Tony already lectured us. We have new recording equipment so we should be back to normal by the next episode. Well, until I get drunk and drop it in a pool or something…

  2. Gotta admit, listening back to this one gave me a few chills. For as bad as my hack psychic was, Jameson’s kinda nailed it. Great, guess that means we have to start planning that parade…

  3. The Haitian was impressed with the entertainment value of this episode. Though, he was mildly disappointed in that the Unicorn didn’t invent any new English this episode.

    The Haitian is also very much looking forward to the show becoming a huge financial windfall for the two hosts by month thirteen. The Haitian has started the clock.

  4. topics for future discussion:

    intro/outro: who did the music (well, I know it’s Steel Panther in the outro) and how’d it come together. might need Tony on this one.

    job prospects? is BMo’s accusation becoming reality and Jameson will take a spin at being a hooker? FYI if I have a say in it, she can borrow the x-pole I picked up for the other show if she wants to practice pole dancing.
    more frequent shows while you both have lots of free time?

    what happened to the past challenges and win/loss? I don’t recall BMo doing the tux at Dolphin Tail. Jameson reading something that BMo prepared for her to read.

    • The first one is a Tony question. Not sure where the intro song came from, but we loved it instantly. Brian and I went to a Steel Panther concert one time, and as soon as we heard ‘Community Property’ we knew that was the one.
      Not sure about Brian, but I am going to take a couple months off. Been working since 14, so I am really going to take advantage of this break. Besides, it Summer.
      Actually, Brian and I are planning some mini episodes to air on Thursdays! And…..perhaps a YouTube channel is in our future.
      Brian got out of TWO tux bets……don’t worry, I’ll make sure it happens.
      Thanks for the great questions!

      • show schedule now off? mini show in a couple days?

        Brian: all I could remember from those bets were some kind of prepared statement that you were going to have Jameson read. As for the outfits/routine, hell if I could remember (probably something sluttier than a “hooker”).

    • Thanks for the question Bob. I can tell you the chances of me becoming a hooker are far more likely than Jameson.

      And as far as the bets, funny that you would remember my tux bets and not the cheerleading routine you owe me. Luckily you’re off for the next few months!

  5. Witchcraft and lesbianism go hand in hand (or what have you). In 2002 or so, I rented a room in Saint Paul, MN from two average-looking middle-aged women who were not only wicca priestesses, but scissor sisters as well. One was a Lucille Ball freak (she had a poorly-worded bootleg coffee mug that read “She Loved Lucy”) and the other constantly flooded the house with Indigo Girls music. Also, both were bleeding-heart commie liberals, as is the way in the twin cities. They didn’t like me, particularly because I was on a gettin’-laid streak and I brought too many females into the house for overnight visits.

    • I was going to mention that the reason so many man-hating, hairy-legged feminists choose witchcraft is that women are honored and empowered…whereas, in accordance with Judeo/Christian tradition, they’re put in their places like the semen receptacles and baby-factories they are.

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