Food Porn With Chef Mike Minor

For two unemployed people, Brian and Jameson are eating really well. ¬†It starts off with a delicious post comedy show dinner at Strip House in the Planet Hollywood, an incredible brunch at Border Grill in the Madalay Bay, and then things get over the top with a private chef’s tasting meal courtesy of Border Grill’s Executive Chef Mike Minor! ¬†Speaking of Chef Mike, he sits down with us to talk about coming up through the restaurant ranks in Las Vegas, sustainability and douchebag chefs.


Food Porn With Chef Mike Minor

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23 thoughts on “Food Porn With Chef Mike Minor

  1. For those who want to check out Chef Mike but were too lazy to write his info down, here you go!

  2. Credit to Chef Mike – I think restaurants everywhere, but maybe in Vegas especially, would benefit from his simple approach: 3-5 ingredient, well-executed, creative dishes. Hopefully we are easing out of the Guy Fieri “BBQ pork sushi, doused in chipotle aioli and hoisin, deep fried, and served on a bed of sriracha onion rings with guacamole” era.

    • It’s so true. I hear “other people” go on about nonsense like Sweet Onion Foam, then you have one of chef Mike’s super simple dishes and you realize all that other stuff is bullshit.

  3. Loved the interview, guys! Chef Mike seems really cool and I like his principles. Plus, you’re already on his website!

    Now I know one of the places where Poker Pro and I are hitting for dinner at the gathering for that other podcast…

    • You definitely should. Ask to say hi to Chef Mike. He’s completely accessible and loves meeting customers. And when you do be sure to tell him you heard him on our show!

  4. A question about the blog – the site is on WordPress but you’re using Tumbler for the blog? I presume that I should be harassing Tony about that decision?

  5. I listened to this episode at about 8am, gave a ride to a stranger at about 10am, and out of the blue he asks if I watch Food Network, then lets me know we are about to drive past a place highlighted on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri.
    It was a weird way for the universe to get me to recommend your podcast to him.

    • I love that! There is nothing weird with how the universe works, it just does and always for the better- especially when it comes to our show ;) Thanks for the recommendation (and the kindness to a stranger)!

    • This is all the proof you need that Jameson and I are completely different. She clings to the idea that the Universe is speaking to you, all I can think is…You gave a ride to a stranger?

      • The short story is we were both in a waiting room, him returning a rental car, me getting a car rented; through context clues I knew he was going to have some trouble getting a ride home, and so when my rental car was ready, I offered him a ride. When I told my wife later she said “well at least you knew he probably wasn’t a criminal, otherwise they wouldn’t have rented him a car”.

  6. I say for the next episode instead of painting you two should get drunk and make Brian go to Build-a-Bear so he can have someone to talk to in his condo.

  7. Listened to this show today, and this place sounds great. I know that we will be hitting this place up when we are there in the fall. I thought I heard someone say they had different flavors of mimosas. What were they? Keep up the good work.

    • Nice! Keep listening as Chef Mike has generously donated a free dinner or brunch for us to giveaway each month. If I remember correctly there was a pomegranate, something that also included vodka, passion fruit, and a regular mimosa! They were all so good, but I especially enjoyed the passion fruit mimosa. Also, I would recommend you follow him on twitter so that you stay in the know with what he is creating and all of his secret brunch items!

    • All of the mimosa flavors were pretty spectacular, and the fact that their all you can drink for $5 makes it completely acceptable to drink no matter how pink they are (at least that’s what I’m going with). I recommend you try them all. I know 5 glasses of champagne sounds like a lot but you’d be surprised how easy they (and 3 others) go down. Plus as Jameson informed me, champagne’s not really alcohol.

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